Re: My opinion of today on the profiles proposal

On 26 Apr 2024, at 09:14, Olaf Hartig <> wrote:
Looking through them now, and also looking again at the definition of
the semantics of Profile 1, as given in

it seems to me that the IRI rdf:reifies is in no way different from any
other IRI (from the semantics perspective). In other words, the meaning
of the property denoted by this IRI does not seem to be defined as part
of this definition. Is this observation correct?

Yes. If you see at the syntax of the well formed fragment

graph      ::= ( triple | reifier rdf:reifies tripleTerm )*
triple     ::= subject predicate object
subject    ::= iri | BlankNode
predicate  ::= iri_but_rdf:reifies
object     ::= iri | BlankNode | literal
tripleTerm ::= triple
reifier    ::= iri | BlankNode

the use of rdf:reifies property is severely restricted in the syntax, but its denotation is unrestricted as a property, namely it behaves like any other property, e.g., it is many-to-many.

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