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Brain teaser for non-PK tables

Comments from Julien Homo - TCs

create.sql for Oracle

DM implementation feedback: implementability for tables w/o primary key

DM+R2RML implementation feedback: DM cannot be implemented as an R2RML mapping

DM+R2RML implementation feedback: XSD mapping for binary columns

First version of the rdb2rdf TH software

Fixing an omission in R2RML: syntax of blank node labels

FYI: Two XML Schema Specifications are Recommendations

IMPORTANT: remaining issues for closing CR

labeling tests varying only by tested database

Meeting minutes 2012-04-03

Meeting minutes 2012-04-24

Non-PK tables and query preservation

Non-PK tables, blank nodes, and leanness

PROPOSAL for %-encoding (was: Re: IMPORTANT: remaining issues for closing CR)

R2RML implementation feedback: Unnamed columns in rr:sqlQuery

R2RML implementation feedback: using non-existing column in mapping

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2012-04-03 meeting 1700 UTC

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2012-04-24 meeting 1600 UTC

rdb2rdf-th sources uploaded to github

Re 2: Brain teaser for non-PK tables

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