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Hi Julien

Thanks for your work!

On Apr 18, 2012, at 2:30 PM, Julien Homo wrote:

> Hi Borris and Richard.
> Thank you very much for your replies and for the update of TH software, the execution of the test suite works. 
> I have some questions about it :
> - You said in the R2RML and Direct Mapping Cases that "Databases that do not support the standard SQL 2008 datatypes cannot pass the tests".
> I think that it is difficult to find a database that fully implements the SQL standard 2008. For example postGreSQL conforms to at least 160 mandatory features required for full Core conformance out of 179 (, Oracle products provide full or partial conformance with Core SQL:2008 ( and I have not yet find information on mysql. Therefore, I was wondering if the WG had an ideal database to advise to pass the official tests ? 

No, we don't have it ….

> In my case I have done mostly testing with PostgreSQL before being confronted with binary types. I tried also with MySQL but I have many syntax errors and particularly quotes around table names in SQL requests. 
> As you suggested, I can send my slightly modified test suite to the WG mailing lists for validation of support R2RML over non-SQL-compatible databases like PostgreSQL.

Yes, it would be great for us…. thanks!

> -  In test cases, we can see that "Throughout all test cases, we use the base IRI <>: to turn relative IRIs generated by the Direct Mapping into absolute IRIs". However you don't mention base URI in direct mapping results ("@base <> .") and execution of test suite with TH software fails. Have to manually manage this ?

My mistake, sorry.
I updated the DirectGraphs in the repository. You can try it now.

> - About TH software, db2triples in Direct Mapping mode use a deterministic mechanism to generate blank nodes with percent-encoding node ID as "". TH       software apparently does not support this naming, an error is raised. I'm surprised because a Sesame triplestore accepts such a node. Do you agree with this TH software exception ?

TH software relies on Jena, and yes …. there are some issues with "." and "%" in the blank node labels with Jena.
I need to discuss this with the WG and I'll let you know.

Thanks again!


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