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[Bug 10555] [XQ31ReqUC] Pattern matching proposal for XQuery

[Bug 10882] [XQ31ReqUC] Why do external types introduced by external functions have to be subtypes of xs:anyAtomicType?

[Bug 13454] [XQ31ReqUC] Implicit down-casting

[Bug 16603] [XQ31ReqUC] Shallow copy constructors

[Bug 16744] [XQ31ReqUC] fn:collection-available

[Bug 16854] [XQ31ReqUC] mapreduce / ChuQL

[Bug 17142] [XQ31ReqUC] API for Access to Schema Information

[Bug 17598] [XQ31ReqUC] Function namespace search path

[Bug 17599] [XQ31ReqUC] Dynamic sort order and collation for order by

[Bug 17600] [XQ31ReqUC] Range predicates

[Bug 17603] [XQ31ReqUC] Change semantics of identity comparison and attempt to make XQuery pure functional

[Bug 18445] [XQ31ReqUC] New functions for 3.1

[Bug 18907] [XQ31ReqUC] Decode URIs

[Bug 20340] [XT3TS] element-0306

[Bug 20459] [XT3TS] import-1201

[Bug 20631] [XQ31] The "numeric" pseudo-type

[Bug 20673] [XT3TS] result-document-0242 to -0245

[Bug 20675] [XT3TS] regex-syntax-0985

[Bug 20676] [XT3TS] regex-syntax-0987

[Bug 20734] [XT3TS] merge tests

[Bug 20838] [XT3TS] collations-0101 to 0124

[Bug 20894] [XT3TS] position-1801

[Bug 21597] [XT3TS] higher-order-functions-068

[Bug 21963] Implicit iteration on dynamic function calls

[Bug 22839] [XP3.1] Ordering on binary types

[Bug 23594] [xslt 3.0] new JSON specification

[Bug 23895] [XT3TS] Some tests are written for XSLT 2.0 but contain attributes or attribute values for 3.0

[Bug 24207] [XP31] XPath-level element and attribute constructors for use in anonymous functions

[Bug 24359] [FO30] fn:error description lacks information about default arguments

[Bug 24500] Streamability of dynamic function calls is ambiguous and lacks error scenarios

[Bug 24506] Impact of [xsl:version] on streamability analysis

[Bug 24508] xsl:fork streamability rule #2

[Bug 24512] Streamability of extension functions is not defined in the spec

[Bug 24524] xsl:iterate streamability issues

[Bug 24528] Streamability of xsl:number and from and count patterns

[Bug 24547] Streamability of accumulators, missing initial-value

[Bug 24619] Conditional using of packages

[Bug 24649] The spec currently allows non-streaming accumulators to be streamable

[Bug 24726] map:new() and map:merge()

[Bug 24764] [xslt 3.0] xsl:context-item and the initial input sequence

[Bug 24968] Two arg fn:collation-key and three arg fn:deep-equal are not context-dependent

[Bug 24999] [XSLT 3.0] Undefined function map:put() used in example

[Bug 25173] Test whether a streaming document is available through fn:streaming-document-available()

[Bug 25174] Buffering with xsl:try wrapped around xsl:stream or xsl:result-document

[Bug 25185] Usage absorption can take crawling expressions when TDU derives from xs:anyAtomicType

[Bug 25191] [XP3.1] Function Conversion Rules for Maps

[Bug 25350] Incorrect sweep of xsl:for-each in the effect of operand usage example

[Bug 25364] Incorrect sweep and posture in the path expressions sample for the effect of operand on the streamability

[Bug 25443] [F+O 3.1] string() applied to a sequence

[Bug 25444] [XP3.1] Replace pseudo-type "numeric" with a union type

[Bug 25446] [F+O 3.1] ordered collation keys

[Bug 25611] [xslt 3.0] What whitespace-stripping rules apply to the global context item?

[Bug 25611] New: [xslt 3.0] What whitespace-stripping rules apply to the global context item?

[Bug 25679] [XSLT 3.0] Streamable stylesheet functions

[Bug 25679] New: [XSLT 3.0] Streamable stylesheet functions

[Bug 25701] New: Update references

[Bug 25703] Example of xsl:merge still contains bind-key attribute

[Bug 25703] New: Example of xsl:merge still contains bind-key attribute

[Bug 25821] New: Use type determined usage (TDU) with streamable templates

[Bug 25874] [XT30TS] error-code-268

[Bug 25874] New: [XT30TS] error-code-268

[Bug 25875] [XT30TS] mode-1501

[Bug 25875] New: [XT30TS] mode-1501

[Bug 25919] New: unparsed-text-023 should not expect a static error

[Bug 25919] unparsed-text-023 should not expect a static error

[Bug 25926] New: [F+O 3.0] format-number() examples using scientific notation

[Bug 8662] [XQ31ReqUC] Requirement: Recursive inline functions

[Bug 8879] [XQ31ReqUC] Requirement: Binary Serialization Method

[Bug 9062] [XQ31ReqUC] Polymorphism, Generics

[Bug 9063] [XQ31ReqUC] Override parts of a module

[Bug 9305] [XQ31ReqUC] Function annotations and introspection

[Bug 9509] [XQ31ReqUC] Default element namespace applies to both input and output.

[Bug 9734] default initial template

[Bug 9787] [XQ31ReqUC] Default values for function arguments

[Bug 9838] [XQ31ReqUC] Axes as functions

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