[Bug 25173] Test whether a streaming document is available through fn:streaming-document-available()


--- Comment #3 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
OK in principle, but I think my preference would be

(a) name the function stream-available()

(b) define it along the following lines: the function returns true if and only
if all the following conditions are satisfied:

* The URI is valid, 
* a resource with this URI can be retrieved
* the initial bytes of the resource can be read and decoded as text according
to the rules used by an XML processor
* the resulting sequence of characters starts with a string that matches the

prolog (EmptyElemTag | STag )

as defined in the XML Recommendation

* no implementation-dependent errors, such as would cause the xsl:stream
instruction to fail, are detected during the process of opening and parsing the
initial content of the stream

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