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[Bug 1641] [FS] technical: Attributes: make normalizations explicit

[Bug 1746] [FS] editorial: 7.1.4 The fs:convert-simple-operand function

[Bug 1754] [FS] editorial: 7.2.1, 7.2.2, 7.2.10: normalizing calls to particular functions

[Bug 1756] [FS] editorial: 7.2.3 The fn:abs, fn:ceiling, fn:floor, fn:round, and fn:round-half-to-even functions

[Bug 1783] [FS] editorial: 8.4 Judgments for FLWOR and other expressions on sequences

[Bug 2817] [UPD] Unordered Collection of Update Primitives

[Bug 2979] [Update] delete or detach or both ?

[Bug 3188] [FS] editorial: 4.12.2 Typeswitch

[Bug 3194] [FS] editorial: 5.15 Function Declaration

[Bug 3657] Short name for XQ-UF

[Bug 3758] [FS] technical: 4.7.1: losing type information

[Bug 3760] [FS] technical: injected calls to fs:item-sequence-to-node-sequence/-untypedAtomic

[Bug 3771] [FS] technical: interleaved with empty text nodes

[Bug 3799] [UPD] Minor error in example in 2.4.4

[Bug 3818] [FS] Static typing of $input-context1/works[1]/employee[1]/empnum[1]

[Bug 3946] [FS] Typing of processing-instructions

[Bug 3972] Running Schema Import Feature tests

[Bug 4173] [UPD] Namespace binding clash

[Bug 4242] [FS] Static typing of name tests

[Bug 4261] [FS] technical: Name Tests correct?

[Bug 4268] Static typing of K2-FunctionProlog-22

[Bug 4272] [FS] Type checking fn:data

[Bug 4285] [UPD] Replacing optional content

[Bug 4286] [UPD] Implementation-defined persistence

[Bug 4353] [XSLT+XQuery] Identity constraints at element level

[Bug 4372] [Serialization] Lexical checking of doctype-public

[Bug 4383] extra space in the expected result of K2-Axes-70

[Bug 4384] [F+O] $p is not defined in 15.1.10 fn:subsequence

[Bug 4385] [F+O] [Typo] Extra new line and missing whitespace in 15.5.3 fn:idref

[Bug 4392] [FS] Typing issues with //

[Bug 4413] [XDM] Typed value of complex types with simple content

[Bug 4418] [XQuery] cyclic module imports

[Bug 4448] [F+O] Return type of op:subtract-dateTimes, op:subtract-dates, op:subtract-times

[Bug 4460] K2-Literals-8

[Bug 4462] K2-NameTest-71

[Bug 4464] [XSLT] Missing rules for misuse of the xmlns namespace

[Bug 4465] K2-SeqExprCast-52 et seq

[Bug 4466] K2-MatchesFunc-1

[Bug 4471] [F+O] Casting date/time timezone offset 0 values to string/untypedAtomic

[Bug 4486] [XDM] Missing constraint for xmlns namespace

[Bug 4487] [XDM] Missing constraint for attribute names

[Bug 4512] [FS] technical: Name Tests: incomplete coverage

[Bug 4513] [XSLT 2.0] Incorrect NOTE under xsl:namespace

[Bug 4519] [DM] Definition of is-id property

[Bug 4519] [XDM] Definition of is-id property

[Bug 4521] K2-Axes-32

[Bug 4523] Default Unprefixed Namespace Handling is Problematic

[Bug 4525] [UPD] Section 2.2: make semantics clearer of revalidation mode

[Bug 4526] [UPD] Sections 2.4.*: Target should allow empty sequence

[Bug 4527] [UPD] Sections 2.4.1 insert/3.1.3 upd:insertInto

[Bug 4528] [UPD] Sections 2.4.1 insert/3.1.4 upd:insertIntoAsFirst: inconsistent ordering rules

[Bug 4529] [UPD] Sections 2.4.1 insert clarify that as first and as last only apply to into

[Bug 4530] [UPD] Section 2.4.1 clarify the notion of conflict

[Bug 4531] [UPD] Section 2.4.1 and others: allow resolving namespace binding conflicts

[Bug 4532] [UPD] Section 2.4.1 and others: clarify impact of element constructor semantics

[Bug 4533] [UPD] Add link from the update primitive reference to the definition

[Bug 4534] [UPD] Make external spec references consistent

[Bug 4535] [UPD] Section 2.4.4 Rename: make it optional

[Bug 4536] [UPD] Section 3.1.11 upd:rename

[Bug 4537] [UPD] Section 3.1.11 upd:rename: Add well-formedness check for attribute duplicates

[Bug 4538] [UPD] Section 3.1.11 upd:rename: Impact of DTD

[Bug 4539] [UPD] Section 2.4.5 Transform: rewording

[Bug 4540] [UPD] Section 2.4.5 Transform: simplifying syntax

[Bug 4541] [UPD] Section 2.5.1 FLWOR Expression

[Bug 4542] [UPD] Section 2.6.1 fn:put: Remove it

[Bug 4543] [F+O] Multiline mode in regular expressions

[Bug 4545] [F+O] Character x126 should be x7E

[Bug 4546] [XSLT] testing for namespace axis support

[Bug 4548] [XSLT 2.0] Validation and uniqueness constraints

[Bug 4549] [F+O] translate in Appendix D

[Bug 4551] K-NormalizeUnicodeFunc-13

[Bug 4557] [Ser] How many phases of serialization?

[Bug 4574] [UPD] Section 2.4.1/3.1.3 upd:insertInto: Preserve order of inserted sequence

[Bug 4578] [FS] Possible error in filter expression normalization rules

[Bug 4581] [FS] Quantifiers in static type of name tests

[Bug 4585] outcome of test-cases with high precision decimal literals implementation-defined

[Bug 4589] [XSLT 2.0]Effect of stable="no" when sorting groups

[Bug 4591] [XSLT 2.0] inline import-schema with no namespace

[Bug 4593] [FS] 8.4 Inconsistency in note on prime subtyping

[southerncross] And two other questions....

[southerncross] Boat ID question

[southerncross] Compression post base

[XSLTerrata] Undocumented xsl:sort/@lang incompatibility?

Random ordering

round() with number of decimals as argument

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