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[check] mid-term development plan + branch mess olivier Thereaux (Wednesday, 31 March)

Do not upgrade to libwww-perl 5.76 Ville Skyttä (Sunday, 28 March)

Bugzilla is broken Ville Skyttä (Sunday, 28 March)

[check] issue #207 (sgml-xml catalogs) olivier Thereaux (Thursday, 25 March)

libwww-perl issues/upgrade? Ville Skyttä (Wednesday, 24 March)

[check] open bug roundup olivier Thereaux (Tuesday, 23 March)

Patch for source/index.html Ville Skyttä (Monday, 22 March)

Re: distribute checklink after this beta? Ville Skyttä (Sunday, 21 March)

CatalogueManager Nick Kew (Tuesday, 2 March)

libcroco wishes #1 Nick Kew (Tuesday, 2 March)

Meeting/Agenda Nick Kew (Monday, 1 March)

[meeting] schedule and tentative agenda - 2004-03-02 olivier Thereaux (Monday, 1 March)

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