Re: distribute checklink after this beta?

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 00:43, Ville Skyttä wrote:

> I would like to proceed with the
> following plan: fix the reported issues when I'm back, finish the
> packaging and CVS reorganization, and arrange a quick new testing
> session for a couple of days using the packaged version running at
> :8001.

Status update:

I've committed a CPANified link checker to perl/modules/W3C/LinkChecker,
or and requested
the namespace W3C::LinkChecker from CPAN (no confirmation yet).

The packaging is almost complete, although the documentation still needs
to be updated in many places.  This version is practically the same as
the current one in validator-0_6_0-branch, the only notable change being
splitting the POD documentation into a separate file.  No functional
changes yet as there weren't any real bug reports during my vacation, it

I'll ping the list once I think this is ready for a new smoketest at
v.w.o:8001.  Testing and comments of course welcome already now :)

Would it be possible to get CVS commit notifications from the new CVS
location to www-validator-cvs@?

Received on Sunday, 21 March 2004 10:33:17 UTC