from July to September 2015 by subject

[Bug 13398] i18n-ISSUE-80: Default rules for the quotes property

[Bug 16968] i18n-ISSUE-103: Refer to CharMod

[Bug 16975] Registries: i18n-ISSUE-110: Contact information for meta extensions registry

[Bug 27475] Examples: illustrate difference between bdo and bdi

[Media Capture] Human readable message not localizable? [I18N-ISSUE-465] ( LC-3027)

[Packaging] language tag reference and language tag matching [I18N-ISSUE-403]

[Packaging] language tag reference and language tag matching [I18N-ISSUE-404]

[publication request] Character Model for the World Wide Web: String Matching and Searching

[webapps] spec title editorial nit [I18N-ISSUE-433]

[webpayments] geographic variation of terms or availability [I18N-ISSUE-472]

[webpayments] identify time zone dependent vs. independent cases [I18N-ISSUE-471]

Bug 27475 (bdo comment) [I18N-ACTION-462]

Help needed for porting i18n tests to CSS/Web Platform test suites

i18n review request for the Presentation API

I18N-ACTION-451: Respond on csvw issue 617 officially explaining that the wg believes that cldr's values and data structures are needed

I18N-ACTION-452: Respond to notifications about .lang and .dir email

I18N-ACTION-453: Publish current version of charmod so the github bits and status bits show

I18N-ACTION-454: Remind all to review for next week

I18N-ACTION-455: Respond to fantasai saying we'll send style info along by next week

I18N-ACTION-456: Double check with ff about vertical text change proposal and impact on them

I18N-ACTION-457: Remind group to review webvtt responsed *before* the meeting so can discuss

I18N-ACTION-458: Write to utc and give a heads up about mongolian nnbsp question

I18N-ACTION-459: Summarize webvtt problem for bidi list and seek input

I18N-ACTION-460: Talk to dom about implementing option [1] for managing email traffic on www-international from github

I18N-ACTION-461: Re-read issue-80 and evaluate whether to reopen as a github issue or not

I18N-ACTION-462: Follow up with editors on bdo/bdi/etc. and prepare an example for consideration by the wg to send them

I18N-ACTION-463: Propose closure of tabular-data-model issues 462 - 479

I18N-ACTION-464: Forward issues 472, 471, 459, 458, 457, 456, 433, 404

I18N-ACTION-465: Look into issue 406 to see if still valid

I18N-ACTION-466: Prepare new draft of encoding spec for updated cr

I18N-ACTION-467: Review issue-400 and see if it is xslt or some other spec and decide what to do with it

I18N-ACTION-468: Forward issue-391 to dpub

I18N-ACTION-469: Forward issue-387

I18N-ACTION-470: Forward issue-362 after rewriting

I18N-ACTION-471: Forward issue-359 to css

I18N-ACTION-472: Close all items older than 2012

I18N-ISSUE-480: New role for Ruby? [dpub-aria]

I18N-ISSUE-481: Inconsistent data type for temperatures ?? [vehicle-information-access]

I18N-ISSUE-482: Inconsistent data type for levels ?? [vehicle-information-access]

I18N-ISSUE-483: Temperature data type for Temperature Interface uses different data types ?? [vehicle-information-access]

I18N-ISSUE-484: Use BCP47 instead of ISO 639-1 for identifying languages ?? [vehicle-information-access]

I18N-ISSUE-485: Inconsistent use of data type for tilts and pans ?? [vehicle-information-access]

I18N-ISSUE-486: Should units of speed vary in the specification ?? [vehicle-information-access]

I18N-ISSUE-487: Consider adding a language tag to indicate the language of an error message ?? [vehicle-information-access]

I18N-ISSUE-488: what a whitespace character is ? [css-text]

I18N-ISSUE-489: Control Characters Roll Call on implementation ? [css-text]

I18N-ISSUE-490: writing-mode: sideways-left [css-writing-modes]

I18N-ISSUE-491: Change collapse to merge for ruby-merge ?? [css-ruby]

I18N-ISSUE-492: Honor the HTTP Accept-Language header for selecting the consent language ?? [tracking-compliance]

Notification.lang and Notification.dir support in Web Notifications implementations

Notification.lang and Notification.dir support in Web Notifications implementations [I18N-ACTION-452]

Seeking guidance or closure on ISSUE-464

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