Help needed for porting i18n tests to CSS/Web Platform test suites

the tests i write for the i18n test suite[1] follow the Test The Web 
Forward (TTWF) pattern closely, but there are some differences in where 
to find support files.

The differences include the location of the javascript test files, which 
cannot be accessed from the root directory in the W3C site, and font 
files, which i don't want to scatter around my hard drive and the W3C 
server. There may also be links to alternative style sheets of a general 
nature (to produce, from the same result data, the more graphic-oriented 
test results pages we use).

I can no longer find sufficient bandwidth to adapt the i18n tests as 
necessary to fit the CSS test suite requirements, and then shepherd them 
through the process (though i will continue to try to check for test 
errors and update the i18n tests accordingly).

I am also unable to justify the non-trivial amount of time needed to 
create additional ref files, since they are not actually used afaict. 
(Of course each ref test has a reference div on the same page – i'm just 
talking about the separate pages required by the TTWF process.)

If someone is able/interested to make what changes are required and 
shepherd the tests through the process, I would be happy to hear from 
them, and i'd be happy to notify them when new tests become available 
(eg. there are a set of new vertical text and css ruby tests already) 
and where to find them. The tests themselves are organized on the w3c 
server in directories that mirror those used in the CSS test suite.



Received on Wednesday, 2 September 2015 16:46:35 UTC