Re: Help needed for porting i18n tests to CSS/Web Platform test suites

On 02/09/2015 17:46, Richard Ishida wrote:
> If someone is able/interested to make what changes are required and
> shepherd the tests through the process, I would be happy to hear from
> them, and i'd be happy to notify them when new tests become available
> (eg. there are a set of new vertical text and css ruby tests already)
> and where to find them. The tests themselves are organized on the w3c
> server in directories that mirror those used in the CSS test suite.

today i worked through the tests we have in the i18n test suite and 
compared them to what's on the csswg-test repo, and i was surprised to 
find that there are still plenty of tests waiting to be transitioned.

i put together a wiki page to track the status.


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