Re: Help needed for porting i18n tests to CSS/Web Platform test suites

On 03/09/2015 04:59, Koji Ishii wrote:
> I'm interested in helping

thanks Koji

> However, I do
> not want to fork the tests as it could be a maintenance nightmare.
> Are you ok to seek for a method to do it in single source, and upstream
> necessary changes to the master files you edit or add? It may require a
> bit of rules you may have to keep for future edits.

i'm not clear what that would involve, could you give me some details?

>     I am also unable to justify the non-trivial amount of time needed to
>     create additional ref files, since they are not actually used
>     afaict. (Of course each ref test has a reference div on the same
>     page – i'm just talking about the separate pages required by the
>     TTWF process.)
> I understand that, but a separate ref file is needed to run them
> automatically. As far as I know, the test systems Blink/Gecko/WebKit use
> all need separate ref files. As above, I'd like to seek for a method
> that does not require time rather than giving it up.

ok, well it's good to hear that someone really does use the ref files. I 
may be able to automate their production. Let me look into that.


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