RE: Notification.lang and Notification.dir support in Web Notifications implementations [I18N-ACTION-452]

Hi Mike,
> OK, given that at this point I think it’s unlikely we’re going to get UAs
> interested in implementing that lower requirement, I’ve filed a issue against
> the current in-development version of the Notifications spec proposing that
> the requirement simply be to pass the value on as-is.


I commented on the thread developing there.

> > An even lower level of syntactical requirement is the 'obs-language-tag'
> > construct, which has a very simple regex. Many specifications prefer
> > to mandate this level of "content checking", even though "valid
> > language tag" is always recommended to authors.
> Right, I’ve filed a separate issue suggesting that the spec define an actual
> document-conformance requirement (aka authoring requirement) for
> BCP-47 validity of the lang value.

For the record, #47. I added a link to this thread there.

> > Note that the text in your test wouldn't necessarily appear
> > right-aligned. A better test would include some actual right-to-left
> > text so that the word order can be compared (even if the host
> > environment displays the text in a left-to-right layout). See the
> > examples here [3], perhaps.
> OK, I’ll update that test case.



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