Re: HTML version issue summary?

Le 25 avr. 2007 à 10:33, Dão Gottwald a écrit :
> There are all kinds of healthily evolving languages without version  
> information tied to the content.

It is not that much black and white. There are nuances with their  
benefits and drawbacks, IMHO.

> HTML in feeds,

Yes no information tied to the content.

> CSS,

It is very difficult for validator developers to create a useful tool  
because of this. We are forced for now to guess the versioning by  
analyzing which properties are here or not.

> PHP,

The scripts have indeed no version information but the test for it is  
"working" or "not working. The developer develops for a specific  
	"Download PHP version X.",
	"You can't use this function  with PHP version X."
It is a closed/wall garden environment as in my scripts are limited  
by the capabilities of the libraries installed on the server.

> English.

Full version mechanism. It is call year. I can't understand a 300  
years old text properly if I don't have access to the year it has  
been published. In fact, human language is a rare case where each  
word have a version with a span of years.

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