Re: HTML version issue summary?

David Hyatt schrieb:
> (2) I think it's poor design not to include specific version numbers to 
> identify which spec an author wrote the content for.  Even if we never 
> use the version number for anything, even if alternative browsers 
> support HTML5, even if the doctype says HTML3.2, etc., it's still good 
> language design to identify the specific language version.

Where's your reasoning? A product without a consumer doesn't seem so 
useful to me. There are all kinds of healthily evolving languages 
without version information tied to the content. HTML in feeds, CSS, 
PHP, English.

> (4) I think IE's opt-in should be independent of DOCTYPE until such time 
> as they are confident that they have HTML5.0 fully implemented and 
> supported.  Then one could imagine the doctype being used as the opt-in.

That's what I claimed for some time now. The result was that I was first 
called naive and then ignored.

Note that according to (4), that doctype could be <!DOCTYPE html>. If 
HTML 5 is "fully implemented and supported", there won't be a problem 
with using the very same doctype for HTML 6.


Received on Wednesday, 25 April 2007 01:33:19 UTC