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Re: brainstorm: lines and existing html-elements

From: David Dailey <david.dailey@sru.edu>
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 12:11:03 -0400
Message-Id: <>
To: Dmitry Turin <html60@narod.ru>,public-html@w3.org

At 06:22 AM 4/11/2007, Dmitry Turin wrote:
>One people offer an ideas in some commands (they throw plates :) ),
>and other people note defects of ideas (they underbid plates by handgun).
>I try to do the first.

Plates are nice.

>Now SVG exists.
>But it's more comfortable to bind already existing html-elements by lines
>for drafting a schemes, presentations.
>Let's consider example:
>   <tr>
>     <td></td>
>     <td>
>       <table id="id1">
>         <caption> Street      </caption>
>         <tr><td>  idStreet    </td></tr>
>         <tr><td>  idCity (FK) </td></tr>
>         <tr><td>  name        </td></tr>
>       </table>
>     </td>
>   </tr>
>   <tr>
>     <td>
>       <table id="id2">
>         <caption> City   </caption>
>         <tr><td>  idCity </td></tr>
>         <tr><td>  name   </td></tr>
>       </table>
>     </td>
>     <td></td>
>   </tr>
>   <pack host="id1">
>   <pack host="id2">

+1 I kind of like that. Instead of relying on <canvas> as a place to 
put our client-generated drawings, we could sprinkle them freely 
throughout the HTML. Allowing lines to be drawn between reference 
points (tagged objects with id's) rather than (or in addition to) by 
x and y coordinates would be (from an authorial perspective) quite nice.

On Fri. 3/23/2007 Henri Sivonen wrote 

 >Personally, I think the parsing algorithm should be amended to put
 >subtrees rooted at <svg> and <math> into the SVG and MathML
 >namespaces, respectively.

If that were done, we'd be part of the way to where you seem to want 
to go, though some of the elegance of what you suggest would still be 
missing, since we'd still have to resort to script to find the locus 
of the places to be connected with a line, then create the line and 
add it to HTML/SVG DOM. The functionality would be appreciated by 
non-scripting authors.

David Dailey 
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