tasks to supplement HTML specification development

Various people have asked me how they can help in this WG. So
I just started a list...
If the idea gets a little momentum, perhaps I'll make
a survey so that everybody can say which tasks they're interested in.

Here's the current contents of the wiki topic...

There is a gap between W3C specifications for HTML and 
"HTMLAsSheAreSpoke". The W3C HTML Working Group was chartered in March 
2007 to close that gap.

A language specification is the main deliverable, and 
HTML/ProposedDesignPrinciples are in development. But there are a lot of 
other things that might help.



             a tutorial about the whole language (or the parts that 80% 
need to know about)

             tutorials on new features, or groups of new features

             tutorials for specific audiences, such as government web 
site developers

             tutorials aimed at the mobile platform

       a quick-reference card

       course materials

       a periodic survey of the top 200 web sites

             do they conform to the current draft?

                   are the ways they don't conform captured in an issues 

             which features do they use?

             are they mobile-happy, WAI-happy?

       test cases, test results

             test case development guidelines

             automated test results

             manual test results, by browser

The HTML WG chair would like to make a WBS survey to see which WG 
participants are interested in which tasks. Meanwhile, if you're 
interested to work on these things, you might put your name by one of 
them. You might also note whether you have joined the HTML WG yet or not.

Dan Connolly, W3C http://www.w3.org/People/Connolly/

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