from April 2010 by subject

[Bug 5753] parsing issues with legacy UAs

[Bug 5754] List elements content model issues

[Bug 5755] Need to expose media metadata properties

[Bug 5757] MediaElement features are needed on OBJECT element

[Bug 5772] [blocked on sandbox="" implementations] ID scoping for content aggregators (<iframe doc="">)

[Bug 5773] Authors need more control over handling of linked resources

[Bug 5776] Authors need more control over handling of embedded resources

[Bug 5777] referencing subordinate text or asides should be through an alternate attribute

[Bug 5792] li/dd/dt end tag in body when no corresponding elt on stack

[Bug 5793] Cross-reference "as if"

[Bug 5796] <li><div><p><li> no longer matches IE

[Bug 5798] Deferring end tag eating to after head gives weird errors

[Bug 5801] Conformance rules for xmlns unintuitively different for HTML and foreign content

[Bug 5802] No mention of %uXXXX escapes

[Bug 5807] User Agent display of title attribute content not defined

[Bug 5809] Mitigate data loss when conforming documents are coerced to XML 1.0

[Bug 5814] WebIDL: Resolve the callback issue

[Bug 5815] foreignObject in the SVG namespace should be scoping

[Bug 5820] Work on WebSockets

[Bug 5823] Scope allowable on a td

[Bug 5830] Work on video

[Bug 5831] WebIDL: mark up constructors in IDL

[Bug 5833] Work on standalone apps ideas

[Bug 5834] <area alt=""> has no author-level conformance requirement

[Bug 5835] no apparent mechanism for applying a caption to a fieldset

[Bug 5839] Work on Worker Threads

[Bug 5846] Accessing Object Parameters from an Embedded SVG

[Bug 5848] Write the "fetching" section

[Bug 5850] JS global object

[Bug 5851] Consider adding .toArray() on NodeList and HTMLCollection

[Bug 5856] height/width DOM attributes in combination with display:none

[Bug 5858] Case marked as fragment when it can occur at other times

[Bug 5859] Spec doesn't handle unknown schemes

[Bug 5863] Tokeniser: "Bogus comment" state unclear

[Bug 5866] SVG in HTML

[Bug 5881] Make tokeniser data states headers visible in table of contents

[Bug 5883] data: URLs

[Bug 5909] Need a solution for replaceable properties

[Bug 5927] WF2: HTMLInputElement need some improvements

[Bug 5936] Offline cache syntax section needs an example

[Bug 5937] make cache manifest syntax more extensible

[Bug 5944] Unclear wording, section

[Bug 5974] Language tag sameness should probably be ASCII case-insensitive

[Bug 5989] alt=""

[Bug 5990] SVG in HTML

[Bug 5991] workers

[Bug 5994] add note in syntax section

[Bug 5997] Define script execution for XHTML5

[Bug 6033] Forms section

[Bug 6034] Process <video> feedback

[Bug 6035] Process appcache feedback

[Bug 6037] Elaborate on Web compat characteristics of task queue interaction

[Bug 6038] "noframes", "script", "style", "title" in 'after head' mode pop prematurely

[Bug 6052] Should propagate uncaught exceptions from workers to their owner

[Bug 6057] in the audio portion of the spec, at the end of it mentions "If the src argument is present..." but the example given calls it the argument 'url'

[Bug 6098] input type=foo as an element-level section

[Bug 6099] Process notification feedback

[Bug 6100] Process postMessage feedback

[Bug 6101] media elements - ready states - events should be async

[Bug 6102] Please do not break applet element in HTML 5

[Bug 6103] video section editorial issues

[Bug 6104] <video> and <audio> should prevent cross-origin media loads

[Bug 6127] Deal with origin details in WebSocket and postMessage feedback

[Bug 6134] Run-on sentence in HTML5 spec

[Bug 6143] Linkify "pending external script"

[Bug 6153] Process <eventsource> feedback

[Bug 6176] Process WebSocket feedback

[Bug 6177] Process Workers feedback

[Bug 6181] Process table feedback (including headers='" issue)

[Bug 6182] WebIDL - strokeStyle and fillStyle should be of type 'any' not 'DOMObject'

[Bug 6236] scroll bar placement in frames

[Bug 6256] Mutation event behavior on unspecified

[Bug 6257] Please specify document.write()-safe points in the parse

[Bug 6258] Changing the encoding doesn't cover non-idempotent navigation

[Bug 6336] XSLT-compat doctype only allowed for use by XSLT

[Bug 6339] Define how to deal with onload, ononline, and other document/window-level events

[Bug 6349] Rewrite the entire script processing model again

[Bug 6350] Port examples from WF2 to HTML5

[Bug 6351] Add event handler attributes for all events defined in HTML5

[Bug 6352] Port acknowledgements from WF2 to HTML5

[Bug 6356] 00:99:00 is a valid time string

[Bug 6357] <script> start tag parsing

[Bug 6370] Float exponent part unclear about length of sequence

[Bug 6389] Avoid double parse error on EOF in DOCTYPE state

[Bug 6390] Add a note about reaching after head state and the fragment mode

[Bug 6423] Names of confidence flag states inconsistent

[Bug 6434] plugins inside fallback content shouldn't be instantiated

[Bug 6437] document.location should update when the browsing context is navigated without the Document changing

[Bug 6440] To which elements applies the formatBlock command?

[Bug 6457] registerContentHandler() and sniffing

[Bug 6460] Handle onerror feedback for Workers

[Bug 6461] Fix the definition of "Origin" for Documents from javascript: URLs

[Bug 6476] cross-origin media element loads and progress events

[Bug 6491] <textarea wrap=off> not supported

[Bug 6493] Use encoding of POSTing document for POST response if meta prescan fails

[Bug 6496] Allow <img aria-labelledby> to act as a text alternative

[Bug 6515] the body element event handler attributes and missing Window object

[Bug 6516] obsolete attributes on HTMLDocument assume there is a body element

[Bug 6529] value DOM attribute for input element in File Upload state

[Bug 6536] Time element examples should be in the context of a goal-oriented microformat use case

[Bug 6543] Mint a new element for figure captions

[Bug 6563] Specify if innerHTML setting should use the quirkiness of the document

[Bug 6590] character encoding mapping needs to be used for form submission too

[Bug 6606] generic 3rd-party <mark>, Smart Tags, and Accelerators prevention

[Bug 6618] </body> and </html> early on handled in a Gecko/WebKit/Presto-inconsisten way

[Bug 6628] WebSocket.URL and EventSource.URL should return the absolute URL

[Bug 6630] Optionalness of start tags when element is empty

[Bug 6652] spellcheck should allow empty string

[Bug 6656] make clear that Referer headers track the pushState()d URL

[Bug 6659] textarea also needs text-indent:initial

[Bug 6662] Make clearer that "the script's encoding" doesn't refer to the encoding of the script file itself

[Bug 6670] Allow unescaped &s, at least in attributes that accept URLs

[Bug 6684] Disregard of RFC 4329 and IANA MIME Media Types

[Bug 6689] [blocked on web dom core] Element.setAttributeNode() shouldn't modify the attribute node

[Bug 6690] Document.renameNode() is not part of Web DOM

[Bug 6729] Attribute getters/setters should lower case argument on HTML elements in HTML docs

[Bug 6736] dfn.js doesn't handle class="impl"

[Bug 6759] event queueing rules for <img> are nonsensical

[Bug 6760] "string" misspelled as "stirng"

[Bug 6764] Section Non-negative integers - Step 9.4 refers to incorrect step

[Bug 6765] Poor wording in General guidelines

[Bug 6766] document.all definition missing

[Bug 6769] Grammar mistake: "element element"?

[Bug 6776] Note the XSLT implications of assigning HTML elements into the namespace

[Bug 6778] Note the XPath implications of assigning HTML elements into the namespace

[Bug 6796] <keygen> in <select>

[Bug 6812] Typo: JavsScript

[Bug 6832] <datagrid> content model is silly

[Bug 6858] More details needed for "ASCII-compatible encoding"

[Bug 6898] Case shifting terminology is confusing

[Bug 6902] Note incompatibilities with RDF serializations

[Bug 6937] BibTeX author and editor don't fit DRY HTML

[Bug 6942] Define how to handle failed 'resolve a url' steps in microdata algorithms

[Bug 6949] Don't use colon shorthand when talking about language-related attributes

[Bug 6973] Support <textarea>.textLength

[Bug 6974] Please be explicit about inheritance of scripting flag when setting innerHTML

[Bug 6977] Unnecessary sentence in <cite> presentation

[Bug 6978] Mark eof-terminated script elements as malformed

[Bug 6993] Tell authoring tools to use UTF-8

[Bug 6999] Adding tag <NSFW>

[Bug 7011] [in off-bug discussion] canvas accessible fallback provision is under specified

[Bug 7030] Define "Text" content model

[Bug 7032] Sandboxing and Referer

[Bug 7056] <caption> and <figure><legend> elements should allow flow content children

[Bug 7059] Forking XPath

[Bug 7076] Client-side image maps attributes missing on the a element

[Bug 7084] <ul><li>A<ul></li>B is parsed backwards-incompatibly

[Bug 7086] <a> should be </a> in section 4.5.3 of the HTML5 specification

[Bug 7089] CDATA escapes need to close upon --\s*!>

[Bug 7103] Content-Language marked as non-conforming

[Bug 7137] Need to fill in the references section.

[Bug 7138] Need to get window.mediaMode into another spec

[Bug 7139] test

[Bug 7140] test

[Bug 7141] Typo: "A members..."

[Bug 7142] Shouldn't SERIALISE_ERR be SERIALIZE_ERR ?

[Bug 7143] "attributes marked with an asterisk cannot be specified on body elements" is confusing, since <body onload=""> is pretty common. Of course that's the attribute specified on a tag, but still, I'm just a simple author reading the spec for the first time :)

[Bug 7144] I am not sure if we are ditching ALT in favour of legend. You don't make this clear here. Some of your alt examples here resemble longdesc, which I am in favour of ditching completely. I'd be interested to see your answer on whatwg list about this

[Bug 7145] Valid date strings should accept ambiguous inputs, like "2009" or "2007-01".

[Bug 7146] goog

[Bug 7147] s#one of the optional U+002F SOLIDUS (/) characters#the optional U+002F SOLIDUS (/) character#

[Bug 7151] s/users/user

[Bug 7152] "When the user agent has completely fetched of the entire media resource, […]" No 'of' and only one of 'completely' or 'entire' should remain in the text. Mentioned one week ago on the list. Taking the opportunity to try this inline review box.

[Bug 7153] Want standardization of .naturalWidth and .naturalHeight, which some browsers already have

[Bug 7154] icon attribute: We can't apply so-called "CSS Sprite" technique for command icons. We need another attribute to specify clip position and size.

[Bug 7156] I would like to see theora/vorbis as HTML5 standard. I'm tired of codec patents.

[Bug 7157] I would like to see theora/vorbis as HTML5 standard. I'm tired of codec patents.

[Bug 7161] If a heading has title text and then an image below it, then more text, how is the figure element handled in header and hgroup elements?

[Bug 7164] teste

[Bug 7171] Is this missing a comment as to how the type attribute is quoted wrt:codecs? "''" + '""'

[Bug 7175] clearTimeout and clearInterval are not in the dom-intro box

[Bug 7176] The link to [GREGORIAN] doesn't seem to work...

[Bug 7179] <xmp> should close <p> (does in IE and WebKit)

[Bug 7183] Hum, ham eu acho que... sei, bom, acho que é isso mesmo, meu comentario é: ronaldo!

[Bug 7185] itemprop needs to be after item; no longer a-z ordered due to the name change prolly.

[Bug 7186] oppo n iuniu in niun iun lin in liunniuniuniun i

[Bug 7188] how to use "item" in xhtml5? item="item" ?!

[Bug 7189] how to use "item" in xhtml5? item="item" ?!

[Bug 7190] Since all "specially focusable" elements have an activation behaviour, the Action of accesskey-laden commands is to _not_ focus them if they are focusable. Instead, such elements should probably always be focused if focusable, then be activated.

[Bug 7199] microformat

[Bug 7213] todataurl

[Bug 7214] Typo: "When an input element's type attribute is in the *Telphone* state"

[Bug 7215] character encodings and XML

[Bug 7219]

[Bug 7220]

[Bug 7221]

[Bug 7222]

[Bug 7224] Crash in application C++ exception Unsupported file format header 46466c17

[Bug 7225]

[Bug 7226] has enabled --> have enabled

[Bug 7227] using both "conforming but obsolete" (12.1) and "obsolete but conforming" (12.1.1) - consistency in terminology may be helpful

[Bug 7229] input.files should return the same object

[Bug 7234] review 123

[Bug 7237] Let current outlinee be null. (It holds the element whose outline is being created.) Spelling. Outline with one "e"

[Bug 7238] more examples

[Bug 7241] Need to explain exactly what happens if wrap=hard is specified *without* cols being specified. Should it act like wrap=soft, or like cols=20?

[Bug 7243] no mension of h3c?

[Bug 7245] canvas

[Bug 7246] Add examples for <keygen>

[Bug 7248] sxdfsdf

[Bug 7253] Media elements should provide a "next" property to gaplessly play back another media object after it has finished. This woud allow proper playback of gapless albums and an in-browser implementation of HTTP Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.

[Bug 7254] If <audio> was able to play back multiple source urls without gaps, JavaScript could decode or generate continuous audio to data: urls on the fly.

[Bug 7255] "This will either return a year and month" --> "This will return either a year and month"

[Bug 7256] "which is not a real time zone currently" --> which is not currently a real time zone

[Bug 7258] Should state that a new Date object is returned each time the date/time/timezone attributes are accessed if the intention is for them not to be reflecting datetime="" or the element content.

[Bug 7259] dfgsgdfsg dgf

[Bug 7261] In the third code example, a code element is opened but a </cite> tag closes it. The opening tag should be <cite>.

[Bug 7263] this thing really heavy, tried solution: switch to user mode css, after all rendered, return to author mode, scrolling is heavy though,,, try open panel & add info, heavy too..

[Bug 7264] make <% start a bogus comment

[Bug 7265] the HTML5 validator says maxlength is not allowed on textarea

[Bug 7266] Section states twice in green that other specs can define other event loops, can remove one of those

[Bug 7268] contradicts 4.7.1 wrt implied paragraph boundaries (should not in 4.7.1, not good practice in 4.7.4). dont repeat example or simplify

[Bug 7269] user agent requirements: for value=8 max="", step 4 and 11 will cause current value and maximum value to be set to 1, which is destructive (if script wanted to obtain the original value). suggest step 4 change to set maximum to value

[Bug 7272] The explanatory text and the diagram suggest that legs and tails should be th, rather than td -- but the example has td. JimJJewett@gmail

[Bug 7273] The word "left" should not be part of the link when saying that attributes can be left unquoted. It sounds too much like "left outer join" or such, and might imply that it was legal to unquote only one side, or some such oddness. JimJJewett@gmail

[Bug 7274] The word "left" should not be part of the link when saying that attributes can be left unquoted. It sounds too much like "left outer join" or such, and might imply that it was legal to unquote only one side, or some such oddness. JimJJewett@gmail

[Bug 7275] "The markup snippet at the top of this section" should be a link to that snippet; the section is long enough that the snippet will already have scrolled off-screen for some people. (In my case, it had also escaped my short-term memory.) JimJJewett@gmail

[Bug 7276] "tree order" -- is this a section that can assume formal compsci training, or should a short (4 nodes?) example be given? JimJJewett@gmail

[Bug 7277] """(This is only a "SHOULD" and not a "MUST" requirement because it has been proven to be impossible.""" There has to be better wording than 'should do the impossible'. Should attempt to verify? Impossible in some cases? JimJJewett@gmail

[Bug 7278] numbers seem ignorant of i18n - is <meter>10,3</meter> taken as 10? requirements for number may expand to include, i.e.: U+002C COMMA for European №

[Bug 7280] new comment

[Bug 7281] <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

[Bug 7282] add dummy willValidate() and company to object

[Bug 7283] add examples here

[Bug 7284] add examples here

[Bug 7285] add examples here

[Bug 7286] add examples here

[Bug 7287] add examples here

[Bug 7288] add examples here

[Bug 7289] add examples here

[Bug 7290] add examples here

[Bug 7291] add examples here

[Bug 7292] add examples here

[Bug 7293] add examples here

[Bug 7294] add examples here

[Bug 7295] add examples here

[Bug 7296] add examples here

[Bug 7297] add examples here

[Bug 7298] add examples here

[Bug 7299] mark up examples

[Bug 7300] add examples here

[Bug 7301] add examples here

[Bug 7302] add examples here

[Bug 7303] add examples here

[Bug 7304] add examples here

[Bug 7305] add examples here

[Bug 7306] add examples here

[Bug 7307] add examples here

[Bug 7308] add examples here

[Bug 7309] add examples here

[Bug 7310] add examples here

[Bug 7311] add examples here

[Bug 7312] add examples for tables

[Bug 7313] add examples here

[Bug 7314] add examples here

[Bug 7315] add examples here

[Bug 7316] add examples here

[Bug 7317] add examples here

[Bug 7318] add examples here

[Bug 7319] add examples here

[Bug 7320] add examples here

[Bug 7321] add examples here

[Bug 7322] add examples here

[Bug 7323] add examples here

[Bug 7324] add examples here

[Bug 7325] add examples here

[Bug 7326] add examples here

[Bug 7327] add examples here

[Bug 7328] add examples here

[Bug 7329] add examples here

[Bug 7330] add examples here

[Bug 7331] add examples here

[Bug 7332] add examples here

[Bug 7333] add examples here

[Bug 7334] add examples here

[Bug 7335] add examples here

[Bug 7336] add examples here

[Bug 7337] add examples here

[Bug 7338] add examples here

[Bug 7339] add examples here

[Bug 7340] add examples here

[Bug 7341] add examples here

[Bug 7342] add examples here

[Bug 7343] add examples here

[Bug 7344] add examples here

[Bug 7345] add examples here

[Bug 7346] add examples here

[Bug 7347] add examples for <command>

[Bug 7348] add examples for <menu type=context> and contextmenu=

[Bug 7349] add examples here

[Bug 7351] The note ("The point of hgroup is to mask an h2 element (that acts as a secondary title) from the outline algorithm.") should be explicitly associated with the example below it that it applies to. (in general, a hgroup could mask an h3, h4, h5, etc.).

[Bug 7357] That ApplicationCache implements EventTarget should be a line in the IDL, not in prose: "ApplicationCache implements EventTarget;". This might apply to other sections too.

[Bug 7364] The contents attribute is declared as read/write, however the following description only gives information about getting the value of the attribute. Should the contents attribute be marked as readonly?

[Bug 7367] The HTMLEmbedElement interface needs to have the name and align DOM attributes as well. Web browsers do too.

[Bug 7368] The suggested UI for the mark element does not match the description and the examples. E.g. code highlighting is not something you want to see marked in the scrollbar. Personally I think code highlighting should just be done with strong.

[Bug 7369] if context font is set to '' or null, the font from the css should be used. In this case, you have no idea what font is being use, so measureText should return a height of the font, as well as the width so that proper displaying can be done.

[Bug 7373] Need to fix "If a Document or image was returned by the XMLHttpRequest API" now that the document pointer concept is gone.

[Bug 7374] legend as child of details, figure is unstylable and thus unusable

[Bug 7375] Incorrect specification for window.postMessage()'s handling of unentangled ports

[Bug 7377] s/Dahltröm/Dahlström/

[Bug 7381] Clarify default encoding wording and add some examples for non-latin locales.

[Bug 7383] drawImage(video) and createPattern(video) should say that the aspect-ratio-corrected dimensions must be used

[Bug 7384] editorial: " (either an HTMLImageElement or an HTMLCanvasElement)" is missing HTMLVideoElement

[Bug 7386] SharedWorkerGlobalScope

[Bug 7387] small element should have same content model as a, ins, del

[Bug 7393] парпрп

[Bug 7395] "value associated with that denominator punctuation character" didn't get xrefed

[Bug 7396] shouldn't it be "if the defer attribute is specified, the src attribute must also be specified

[Bug 7397] in xref names, s|td/th|tdth|g in obsolete section

[Bug 7398] the-basic-syntax

[Bug 7400] "as part" instead of "sa part"

[Bug 7401] Looking For this

[Bug 7402] The x and y arguments should be better explained.

[Bug 7403] What should happen when audio does not have controls but author specifies display:inline? Show fallback? Show blank box with the same size as if it had controls? Force display:none?

[Bug 7404] "but only if the element is being rendered" needs to take into account <canvas> descendants if we're making them focusable

[Bug 7405] Looks good!

[Bug 7406] Layout system for HTML

[Bug 7407] "The examples in the previous section show how information could be marked up on a page that doesn't expect its microdata to be re-used." is not true anymore

[Bug 7408] "This sample how the getItems() method" is missing a "shows".

[Bug 7409] It's not clear what labeled control is in cases with > 1 control as a child of the <label>

[Bug 7415] "The rules for parsing simple color values are as given in the following algorithm." --> "The rules for parsing simple color values are given in the following algorithm."

[Bug 7416] IDNA has not been previously used or defined. It is not an obvious term. Please expand it or reference a definition on first use.

[Bug 7417] Why use radians as opposed to degrees? Does this mean I can never draw a complete circle because I don't have enough bits to represent 2pi?

[Bug 7418] See if we can make popstate more synchronous so that when it fires, the doc is in the expected state, rather than three back-button-steps later. But consider nested calls to history.back().

[Bug 7419] Add replaceState() — e.g. consider panning on a maps application, not all the steps should be new states for back/forward, but we do want to update the url for persistence.

[Bug 7420] dfghjxdcfvbnm,,k sdfghjk gfdsdfgh fghj

[Bug 7421] azsxdcfvghjk

[Bug 7422] Add definition of <a name>

[Bug 7423] why deprecate s, u, strike, acronym? It makes no sense.

[Bug 7425] comments hould be after the root node

[Bug 7427] When the maxlength attribute is omitted it should return -1 like Opera and Firefox and not 0. (Alternatively it could return the maximum value like Chrome and presumably Safari do, but that seems less nice.

[Bug 7428] Safari 4 preloads media and FF 3.5 doesn't in <audio> tag; perhaps HTML5 sections are unclear or need a 'preloading' attribute added.

[Bug 7431] "willful double violation of RFC 2046": The word "double" is splitting the defined term "willful violation". This sounds like a new defined term and interferes with document searching. Instead use "willful violation of two aspects of RFC 2046"

[Bug 7432] 'have been noted as "willful violations"': Other places use the signular, "willful violation". For consistency, non-native english readers and easy text search, use the singular when defining the term. E.g. 'have each been noted as a "willful violation".

[Bug 7433] maybe tiny typo in example with figure: the last <figure> should be </figure> ?

[Bug 7434] Everything with role=heading should also have an associated aria-level that indicates the level of the heading. The level of the heading should probably be based on the outline algorithm.

[Bug 7435] Fichier XML de mise à jour mal formé (200)

[Bug 7436] Fichier XML de mise à jour mal formé (200)

[Bug 7437] The link for "mutable" points to textareas - no mention made of radio, button, input, password types

[Bug 7439] Where it says "in the example above" when introducing attributes the example is actually below.

[Bug 7440] The markup of the example does not use <th> for Legs and Tails like the actual table does.

[Bug 7441] The specification only ever uses the prefix:localName convention for some attributes in the XML namespace and whenever it does it is pretty explicit about it. xml:id is never mentioned outside this section and the prefixes svg and html are never used.

[Bug 7443] maybe list role and aria-* here

[Bug 7445] editorial: This section becomes a subsection of "the xhtml syntax" in the author edition. Maybe either move this section somewhere else or keep the "Rendering" and "Interaction with CSS" headings outside class=impl

[Bug 7446] editorial: last paragraph should probably have class=impl

[Bug 7447] "Use the data and type attributes to invoke plugins." should also mention that <param> can be used to pass parameters with these names to the plugin

[Bug 7448] editorial: The ":" in "Author requirements:" should also be marked as class=impl

[Bug 7449] editorial: hyperlinked "represents" on the id attribute definition

[Bug 7451] "In the example above" should be "In the example below"

[Bug 7452] "The collection of Documents is the browsing context's session history. " -- What do you mean by "the collection of documents" ? not clear

[Bug 7453] "preferred name" should be "preferred MIME name" but it should also state that if there is no preferred MIME name for the encoding the name of the encoding should be used.

[Bug 7454] Please do not remove these useful features - or are alternative mechanisms planned?

[Bug 7455] The example codes don't have double quotes

[Bug 7456] Ogg vorbis realy should be standard since it is open and everything can then support it without patent costs. This is REALLY important. Most other standards need patent money. Apple's H.264 is CERTAINly bad here.

[Bug 7457] Ogg theora needs to be used here as an open standard. Having different standards in different browsers will confuse the matter and it is the only standard to my knowledge that is not patent encumbered. This is seriously important to reinstate.

[Bug 7458] inconsistent definition of "up" relation

[Bug 7459] Nitpicking: an XML document is always well-formed and therefore cannot have syntax errors (including minor).

[Bug 7460] Under "JavaScript": The note containing a "willful violation" doesn't contain the words "willful violation" as promised by section 1.5.2.

[Bug 7461] List of space characters should include U+000B LINE TABULATION (VT) or should note why it is not included.

[Bug 7465] "a IDL attribute" -> "an IDL attribute" (here and elsewhere)

[Bug 7466] This section forbids exposing rel=feed but not exposing e.g. rel=copyright. I think that is wrong. The specification should not dictate UI for this.

[Bug 7469] Is it really necessary to have sections on what HTML5 does not cover?

[Bug 7470] JimJJewett gmail: The implications of these tables should also appear at element level -- e.g, td model or dom should mention aria- -- unless it is explicitly not exposed, for some reason.

[Bug 7472] JimJJewett gmail: Annotations for assistive technology products (ARIA) -- add the "ARIA", like 3.4 mentions XPATH and XSLT

[Bug 7473] JimJJewett gmail: Mention explicitly that the mapping for foreign content -- including adopted MathML or SVG -- is left to those working groups. (Otherwise, I would have expected some strong native semantics for math to math)

[Bug 7474] Shouldn't the listener be added AFTER the function is defined?

[Bug 7475] Semantics of rel=first and rel=index breaks specs and implementations

[Bug 7476] typo in the last example of section 4.6.9: "lt;/time>" where "</time>" is intended. -Tantek

[Bug 7477] "It is an element with an ID key" makes it sound like "ID" is an adjetive for "key". Consider a phrasing like the previous bullet. Namely, "It is an element with an ID equal to key."

[Bug 7479] The content attribute should be all-lowercase: formnovalidate

[Bug 7480] use of keygen should trigger a warning.

[Bug 7481] The Form submission algorithm section states "If the submitter is anything but a form element...", yet this section states "validate the constraints of form element form".

[Bug 7482] The maxLength attribute for input elements can be -1, indicating no maxlength attribute present, per DOM Level 2 HTML. HTML 5 has changed that to be "unsigned long", which -1 cannot be.

[Bug 7484] head/@profile holds a white-space separated list of URIs

[Bug 7485] obsolete permitted DOCTYPEs link is broken in author view

[Bug 7487] An internal general parsed entity is not XML namespace-well-formed in the general case, since a fragment can have text and multiple elements at the top level

[Bug 7489] I wanted to know what a fallback entry is so I clicked on the "fallback entries" link. This took me to a section that describes fallback entries as "Resources that were listed in the cache's manifest as fallback entries". But that's a recursive definition

[Bug 7493] I want to know meta information on media src. Name of a song, work name, name of singer, and etc...

[Bug 7494] It puts together on src etc. of the audio tag and the img tag, and it wants a united method of knowing meta information on src. It is a name of a song, and a name of the singer in case of the song. If it is a photograph, it is GPS informational etc.

[Bug 7497] Add an example to <aside> that shows it being used to hold a blogroll.

[Bug 7499] <keygen> should not be defined as a requirement for a conforming HTML5 user agent and should be removed from the spec

[Bug 7501] Change "The value must be a short free-form string THAT giving the name of the Web application that the page represents." It should read- "The value must be a short free-form string giving the name of the Web application that the page represents."

[Bug 7502] The clarification that the footer can be used as a site-wide footer or a section footer is not inherently clear via the spec. I suggest specifically stating just that: use for a section or an entire site.

[Bug 7503] there is no specification for detection of this feature. how do i know whether to use draggable="true" or revert to a drag simulation library like scriptaculous? -

[Bug 7505] interface HTMLIFrameElement : HTMLElement { attribute DOMString src; attribute DOMString name; attribute DOMString sandbox; attribute boolean seamless; attribute DOMString width; attribute

[Bug 7506] Clarify that the warning about "The presence of an obsolete permitted DOCTYPE" only applies to HTML, not XHTML which has no restriction on what DOCTYPEs may be used

[Bug 7507] Firefox 3.5 does NOT clear a canvas if its width is set to itself

[Bug 7508] <dialog> needs a way to add non-speech related information

[Bug 7509] Consider <dl type="dialog"> instead of <dialog>

[Bug 7511] The implicit mechanism doesn't fire onsubmit or validate as written today. The exception for when the submitter is the form should be changed to just be a flag for .submit() specifically.

[Bug 7519] Should rephrase "All the elements in this specification have a defined content model, which describes what nodes are allowed inside the elements, and thus what the structure of an HTML document or fragment must look like." to more explicitly say that HTML

[Bug 7521] This table is confusing because it mixes content, IDL attributes, methods, and events. Maybe the various concepts can be grouped and get an appropriate row-group header so it is more clear. The introduction for the table doesn't mention the events and doe

[Bug 7522] <math> should also be phrasing and flow content, like <img> and <svg>.

[Bug 7523] Treat <metadata> like <title> in SVG foreign content

[Bug 7524] The list of forbidden Unicode characters in the authoring requirements does not match the list that generates parse errors in #tokenizing-character-references

[Bug 7526] spelling: Before this task is run, *sa* part of the event loop mechanism, the rendering will have been updated to resize the video element if appropriate.

[Bug 7527] Allow implementations to generate meaningful default, implied headings for some sections.

[Bug 7543] Consensus on ietf-http-wg was that repetition of relations is meaningless and we should rather use numbering (e.g. "up2"), names (e.g. "great-grandparent") or an attribute (e.g. level="3").

[Bug 7544] Atom (RFC 4287) further specifies that "The image SHOULD have an aspect ratio of one (horizontal) to one (vertical) and SHOULD be suitable for presentation at a small size". Consider doing the same here.

[Bug 7545] Atom (RFC 4287) defines a "logo" in addition to the "icon": "The image SHOULD have an aspect ratio of 2 (horizontal) to 1 (vertical)". Consider doing the same here.

[Bug 7546] "HTML 5" Editor's draft misnamed and suboptimal for HTML content authors unless refactored into HTML (main) and DOM API (appendix).

[Bug 7547] on .drawImage() negative widths or heights should flip/mirror the image. There's no easy way of fliping images in canvas

[Bug 7548] replace <dialog> with advice

[Bug 7549] define how to parse a MIME type

[Bug 7550] The invalid event does have a default action. Namely to display UI. However, UAs should probably not be forbidden to show that a field is invalid before submitting, but how can page author suppress the UI for that?

[Bug 7556] Where is it defined that only the first <base> element is to be taken into account? Surely that should not be part of iri-bis.

[Bug 7558] "MIME type" not xreffed in "and any MIME type ending ..."

[Bug 7559] What happens when an "option" element has its "selected" attribute removed?

[Bug 7560] The following sentence could be made more clear, or given an example to indicate what is meant: "The otherwise optional U+000A LINE FEED (LF) character must be included if the element's contents start with that character"

[Bug 7561] There's no UA conformance criteria for <meta name>, in particular nothing about case-insensitivity.

[Bug 7574] The annotation here has 20 tests, but the box for viewing them is bigger than the browser window, hiding the close button. Set a max height and overflow:auto on the popup box.

[Bug 7575] <meter> example isn't highlighted

[Bug 7577] meta/@name=descriptions vs invisible metadata

[Bug 7578] "If the defer attribute may be specified": this phrasing is confusing, should "may be specified" be "is specified"

[Bug 7579] Could "interactive widget" in the context of a web application be defined, expanded upon or an example provided? This seems too vague.

[Bug 7581] Should the select() method set focus? MSIE+Opera does not. FF+Chrome sets focus. It should probably be specified to set focus.

[Bug 7583] IE8 won't run click events on a label's associated input if the input is hidden via CSS with "display:none" or "visibility:hidden". Other browsers will. There doesn't seem to be an appropriate platform behavior to emulate here, so the exact behavior sho

[Bug 7584] The <meter> example doesn't have any highlighting, whereas all the other elements do

[Bug 7585] Link relations should refer to IANA registry (draft-nottingham-http-link-header)

[Bug 7590] The sentence about HTMLUnknownElement should s/this specification/this specification (or other appliciable specifications)/ to allow delta specs to define HTML elements

[Bug 7591] disabled <fieldset>

[Bug 7593] Use of the "q.v." abbreviation here, while correct, is fairly obscure. Consider dropping "q.v." or rephrasing.

[Bug 7594] "Otherwise, the the body element is null. Append the new value to the root element.": Append it where? At the end?

[Bug 7595] editorial: "represents" should be a link

[Bug 7599] Either drop the two places that set the "Origin" HTTP header, or update HTML5 to match the Sec-From/Origin I-D (if the latter is stable enough yet).

[Bug 7601] refer to pronunciations for TTS PLS with link rel value "pronunciation"

[Bug 7602] "Note: Playback of any previously " is listed as a step 12 of HTMLMediaElement.load()

[Bug 7606] the current behaviour in firefox on a disable input type='submit' is not to show the tooltip, in IE it will appear and then disappear but only when hovering over the text. Should the behaviour of the tooltip be more specifically defined when the element

[Bug 7608] Rendering–Introduction: s/normaly/normally

[Bug 7614] why was this changed again?

[Bug 7617] editorial: "reflect" under HTMLDocument should be a link

[Bug 7618] "Whether a document is an HTML document or an XML document affects the behavior of certain APIs, as well as a few CSS rendering rules." - actually, i think it doesn't affect CSS rendering anymore, just selector matching

[Bug 7619] "Document objects also implement the document-level interface of any other namespaces found in the document that the UA supports." - drop "found in the document" since it doesn't make sense to implement another interface on-the-fly when finding another na

[Bug 7620] I think Opera has some security checks for location, added because of some Flash vulnerability. If other browsers have similar checks, would be good to specify

[Bug 7621] editorial: add example for pushState() - it's not clear what to use as the data

[Bug 7622] "There has got to be a better way of doing this, surely." - is there an intent to rewrite this before last call? is there implementor interest? is it considered for removal?

[Bug 7623] It'd be really nice if you specified if the angle argument to context.rotate accepts degrees, radians, or what.

[Bug 7625] Since "event handler attributes" is an abstract concept it might be better to just call it "event handlers" so attributes is not confused with either IDL or content attributes here.

[Bug 7627] Cross-reference more occurrences of "being rendered".

[Bug 7628] The later 'block' box container should simply map to the first/last dd element. This makes UA implementations easier and script emulation of the feature in contemporary UAs as well. Both can simply toggle the display property between block and none.

[Bug 7629] When the dd element is used inside figure and details it should probably not have margin by default.

[Bug 7635] Include an example with the table rearranged so that it doesn't need a description, and advice that doing so might be more useful than writing a description

[Bug 7636] shouldn't dom-table-summary be part of the HTMLTableElement interface proper?

[Bug 7637] Where is defined? I don't see it here nor in the main interface definition

[Bug 7639] Please remove "dc" and "ds" from the parser

[Bug 7640] The definition of the "isindex" element here makes such elements' main interface be HTMLElement rather than HTMLUnknownElement. I suppose that's not intended

[Bug 7641] The rendering of <details> says everything but the first dt will be hidden, but the element definition says the first dd represents the details. Also, having overflow:hidden when the details are open probably has unintended side-effects like clipping cont

[Bug 7642] which attribute wins if both pointsize and size are specified?

[Bug 7643] Why not use display:none instead of overflow:hidden; height:0? display:none seems to have the desired behavior in terms of exposure to AT and keyboard navigation in browsers.

[Bug 7644] The first example for footnotes is actually an example of a dialogue.

[Bug 7646] Media Queries

[Bug 7649] It would be useful to see an example of how section works when it's not in the context of an article, in the example text (chapters, tabs, etc) all of those would sit inside a wrapping article element.

[Bug 7652] Is it fine for <nav> to link to a bunch of external pages? E.g. your Flickr/Facebook/Twitter/etc. profiles?

[Bug 7658] s/the requisite element/the requested element/

[Bug 7659] Clarify what "other applicable specifications" means to say

[Bug 7661] status

[Bug 7662] When images are disabled arguably fallback content of the <canvas> element should be shown.

[Bug 7663] search

[Bug 7664] The in-memory representation is known as "DOM HTML", or "the DOM" for short. This specification defines version 5 of DOM HTML, known as "DOM5 HTML".

[Bug 7668] 7.9.6 should explain which events are actually dispatched when copying/cutting/pasting

[Bug 7674] are the chunks for inputs having the content-type header for each chunk specified appropriately? e.g. file inputs should set the header according to the file selected by the user

[Bug 7677] Is there any behavior defined for setting the src property. For example, is the expectation that object should (A) load the src if autobuffer is true (B) stop playing if currently playing (C) something else (D) nothing at all?

[Bug 7680] Add an 'angle' element to HTML5

[Bug 7686] No need to require user interface in cache update algorithm

[Bug 7688] 'input type=time' forbids legitimate use case

[Bug 7689] Cache-defeating semantics are not defined

[Bug 7690] Incompletely defined priority of fallback over explicit entries

[Bug 7691] each of which 'has', not 'have'

[Bug 7693] The term "Draft Standard" means something different in IETF than meant here, which adds to the confusion. "Editor's Draft" would be better.

[Bug 7694] object@classid is missing from list of Content attributes, even though it is essential

[Bug 7696] zxcszxczxc

[Bug 7697] The type attribute should ammend the Accept header accordingly. HTTP spec is in accordance with the rules here, in terms of the Accept header being non-authorative. script and style elements already ammend accept header (in firefox) but not for other link

[Bug 7699] define reset event

[Bug 7700] define abort event

[Bug 7701] Step 6.2 tells you to remove node from the stack of open elements and then go to step 6.1. 6.1 requires that you set node to be the node above node in the stack of open elements. However node is no longer in the stack of open elements

[Bug 7703] HTML document conformance should explicitly depend on foreign content conformance

[Bug 7704] It is better to implement canvas.clear() method and allow to resize canvas without clearing it

[Bug 7705] What use of providing both "embed" and "object" elements? They play nearly same role.

[Bug 7706] This section should reference "matches a fallback namespace" in step 3.

[Bug 7708] Include some documentation here (or link to) how the time element with a pubdate attribute applies to article.

[Bug 7709] Prevent PUT/DELETE cross-origin

[Bug 7710] "Any byte or sequences of bytes [...] that is misinterpreted [...]" - s/sequences/sequence/

[Bug 7712] oncontextmenu

[Bug 7714] the diagram image says "tokeniser"; should be "tokenizer"

[Bug 7717] If the user does not give permission it is not stated explicitly what will happen. It would be nice if the specification did state that the algorithm will be terminated at that point. (Should an event be dispatched?)

[Bug 7718] "If a Document or image was generated from a data: URL that was returned as the location of an HTTP redirect" ... "If a Document or image was obtained in some other manner (e.g. ... a data: URL returned as the location of an HTTP redirect ...)" - the last

[Bug 7722] Relationship between

[Bug 7723] duplicate word ("first first") should be "first five"

[Bug 7724] I would like to know: what is to become of the A element’s NAME attribute? I validated a HTML5 website that I am working this Wednesday (2009-09-23) which contained an A element with a NAME attribute: the W3C Markup Validator did not mind one bit. Howe

[Bug 7725] It should be made more clear that only the "disk representation" is changed, not the "memory representation". I.e. images are not suddenly reloaded etc.

[Bug 7726] legacy doctype syntax allows <!DOCTYPE HTML SYSTEM"about:legacy-compat">

[Bug 7730] The note starting "The algorithm described..." should end with the word "limitations" or "constraints" or something

[Bug 7732] Server crawls (also on Safari), then page's loading slow and in parts, get a bizzare feeling, it's no longer a web page but an app I'am loading, don't like that, resizing causes page blanks of seconds length

[Bug 7733] Too simplistic to handle used cases with more complex controls than toggle, like carousel, tabs. It could work for accordians.

[Bug 7734] open being an attribute of the section rather than the content area means you can never use this to mark up content which has multiple control/detail areas which are opened or closed independently like tabs or accordion

[Bug 7740] Authoring advice for canvas is bad for accessibility

[Bug 7741] First set of examples of alternative stylesheets have stylesheet titles marked up with href attributes rather than title attributes

[Bug 7744] Is sniffing required?

[Bug 7745] Shouldn't the spec state that it is the second (or third) versin of XHTML, known as XHTML5 as there haven't been version 3 or 4.

[Bug 7746] <link rel=search> should be used instead of <input type=search> for backwards-compatibility and beacuse the search input type poses no additional input restrictions.

[Bug 7747] Attribute language not allowed on element script at this point

[Bug 7748] Does it have to be an absolute path or can it be a relative one, too?

[Bug 7851] Some (perhaps all) scripts with a for="" attribute should be ignored

[Bug 7918] prefetching: allow site to deny

[Bug 8097] Link relation types should use the IANA registry per draft-nottingham-http-link-header

[Bug 8171] Implement the text alternatives proposal from WAI

[Bug 8646] Private communication exception

[Bug 8716] Replace img Guidance for Conformance Checkers with Suggested Text for Short Text Alternatives

[Bug 8793] registration procedure for@rel values

[Bug 8800] Cut/copy/paste should use dedicated events instead of overloading drag and drop

[Bug 8833] Please allow the title of the spec currently known as "HTML5" to be changed to an accurate title.

[Bug 9071] Handling of "[" in between-doctype-public-and-system-identifiers-state may not be ideal

[Bug 9098] Correct the img element definition. Replace with suggested text.

[Bug 9144] &#13; should expand to CR

[Bug 9174] Consider adding a Webcam example

[Bug 9178] add definition of "conforming document"

[Bug 9184] "COOKIES" reference references old Internet Draft

[Bug 9187] Need transparency in issue and bug status in databases & document.

[Bug 9189] CanvasGradient should use parameters at the time of drawing

[Bug 9197] Remove unnecessary editorialization in acknowledgement section

[Bug 9204] The onload event is missing a description on when it fires. Particularly on elements downloading auxiliary documents (img, script, link) it is important to specify when exactly that event is fired. Same for onerror and onabort events (and similar).

[Bug 9205] I'm missing a specification on the relation between onreadystatechange and onload. Will they be used interchangeably? When will they fire? Will onreadystatechange fire multiple times during downloading an external resource (readystate="loading")?

[Bug 9213] HTML5 Lacks a Way to Programmatically-Determine Missing Text Alternatives

[Bug 9214] Allow role="presentation" on img

[Bug 9215] Provide a Webcam example that is in accord with WCAG 2 or Defer to "HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives"

[Bug 9217] Remove the Paragraph-Section-Heading loophole for not providing a text alternative.

[Bug 9221] still unclear definition of "plugin"

[Bug 9224] It should be mentioned that setting playbackRate can be ignored. I.e. if playing backwards is not supported by the codec, if hardware acceleration does not support it, etc.

[Bug 9227] Setting IDL attributes that map enumerated content attributes to invalid values should not throw

[Bug 9229] meter and progress elements constraint validation status shouldn't be mentionned

[Bug 9235] An additional useful transformation would be Perspective.

[Bug 9236] Add Path objects and intersects() function

[Bug 9239] specify a convention for preventing vendor-specific non-standard extensions from clashing with themselves and future standard development

[Bug 9241] Explicitly state, "For guidance on accessibility requirements for text alternatives authors should consult WCAG 2.0" and link to WCAG 2.0

[Bug 9263] Incorrect language determination algorithm

[Bug 9264] Provide a way to prevent Content-Language from acting as language fallback

[Bug 9279] Align the English isindex prompt with Firefox and Chrome

[Bug 9280] Add default button option/attribute for forms

[Bug 9286] marginheight and topmargin are missing from the list of obsolete elements

[Bug 9287] DOCTYPE "mostly useless"

[Bug 9289] What about polyglot documents which are *both* HTML5 and XHTML5 ? I think it would make a lot of sense to spend a few words on that because virtually nobody will use XHMTL5 with the correct MIME-type because of the legacy browsers.

[Bug 9300] Remove the requirement to close NCR and entities with a semicolon

[Bug 9301] Don't support style like "Solid" "ShortDash" "ShortDot"?

[Bug 9307] I think the darker composite operation should be reintroduced. for example.

[Bug 9309] "For the purposes of the CSS ruby model, runs of descendants of ruby elements ..." - s/descendants/children/ ?

[Bug 9311] Two instances of "(unless this has been overrriden as described above)" where: s/overrriden/overriden

[Bug 9329] drawImage filtering when dx and dy aren't integers needs defined

[Bug 9331] "Columns can correspond to col elements, but in the absence of col elements are implied." appears to be missing a comma after "... but in the absence of col...".

[Bug 9332] It's not clear that the (implied) HTML 4.01 use of tfoot is prohibited (which seems to demand content identical to thead). Or should duplicate thead content be allowed in tfoot? Section should also have a tfoot example with meaningful content (a failing o

[Bug 9333] [ms] "The image argument is an instance of either HTMLImageElement, HTMLCanvasElement, or HTMLVideoElement. If the image is of the wrong type or null" WebIDL already ensures that it isn't of the wrong type, just check for null.

[Bug 9335] values need to be case-insensitive in xhtml too for the ua style sheet to work (e.g. <input type="HIDDEN"/>)

[Bug 9336] Remove concept of views as per discussion at last TPAC in the WebApps WG. At some point DOM Level 2 Views will be updated to recommend that implementors not implement the concept.

[Bug 9337] Frameset/Frame Specification Amendment

[Bug 9338] Why can't I have the resource files (CSS file, images, JavaScript files) be cached without caching the whole page? I hacn't have a different HTML tag for just the sign-on page, and the other pages need to not be cached due to private, frequently changing

[Bug 9339] " Until the manifest is changed, those pages will not be fetched from the server again." WHAAAA? In order to get the benefits of app cached images and scripts and css, I have to have HTML pages that are never updated with fresh info, except when I change

[Bug 9340] "RCDATAs element" should be "RCDATA elements" (or rephrase to refer to a single element)

[Bug 9343] s/inlien/inline/, s/this specifications makes it/this specification makes it/

[Bug 9344] "constrolled" [pt]

[Bug 9345] "what matters for implementations it the presence of the attribute" - s/it/is/ [pt]

[Bug 9346] define attr-option-name

[Bug 9347] s/title="attr-href"/title="attr-a-href"/

[Bug 9348] s/<span title="event-click">/<code title="event-click">/

[Bug 9349] Make <nobr> element conforming

[Bug 9350] Make <wbr> element conforming

[Bug 9352] Make unescaped & conforming in attribute values in some cases

[Bug 9353] autocomplete=off should be allowed and should work on non-<input> form controls

[Bug 9355] Obsolete presentational markup should be conforming

[Bug 9356] Presumably "Errors that encourage a correct understanding of the spec" should read "an incorrect" instead of "a correct".

[Bug 9357] input element color state should be able to suffer from a type mismatch

[Bug 9362] <embed> should fire 'load' event so that it's more useful for e.g. SVG

[Bug 9365] Attribute selectors for HTML5 audio and video should be listed as case insensitive

[Bug 9371] I misinterpreted "represents a paragraph-level thematic break" to mean "should occur between paragraphs". Might be nice to add "can be used anywhere the p element is used", or to mention "for rendering or analysis purposes" or "most flow elements are para

[Bug 9375] progress uses ProgressEvent

[Bug 9379] If contenteditable is true, this *should* mean that the *content* of the element is editable, not the element itself. For example, if the user selects "mytext" in <div contenteditable=true>mytext</div>, and then invokes execCommand('bold'), this should wr

[Bug 9380] If contenteditable is true, this *should* mean that the *content* of the element is editable, not the element itself. For example, if the user selects "mytext" in <div contenteditable=true>mytext</div>, and then invokes execCommand('bold'), this should wr

[Bug 9383] New: make it clearer that async and defer aren't allowed with src, and then remove "These attributes must not be specified when the element is used to include data blocks".

[Bug 9384] New: Please add a rule that the property value for a PARAM element should be its VALUE attribute

[Bug 9384] Please add a rule that the property value for a PARAM element should be its VALUE attribute

[Bug 9385] New: Presumably "_ferret-smellcode" is intended, not "fetter", unless the vendor is particularly incompetent.

[Bug 9386] New: margintop dfn has wrong text

[Bug 9387] New: this section is missing "view this example online" links

[Bug 9387] this section is missing "view this example online" links

[Bug 9388] New: this section is missing "view this example online" links

[Bug 9388] this section is missing "view this example online" links

[Bug 9389] add location change event

[Bug 9389] New: add location change event

[Bug 9390] New: "_fetter-smellcode="LEM01"" - s/fetter/ferret/, unless this is meant to be an obscure joke that I'm missing

[Bug 9391] New: What about a CR character token after <pre> or <listing>?

[Bug 9417] Make the algorithm treat an empty META content-language and an empty lang="" the same way.

[Bug 9422] Mozilla and <META http-equiv="content-language" content="<emptystring>" >

[Bug 9424] Conformance checking of the syntax of <META http-equiv="content-language" content="*">

[Bug 9428] Permit <object> to be used without the data or type attribute present

[Bug 9429] Unobsolete the <strike> element - instead suggest how to use it

[Bug 9431] I believe that the link type "tag" should follow the same applicability as the author link type - i.e. nearest article parent / page as whole otherwise. It would also be consistent with the already used rel-tag microformat.

[Bug 9439] UA should not change values of input elements in telephone state

[Bug 9473] add wording to explicitly indicate that option/@selected cannot be used unless as a descendant of select/@multiple

[Bug 9474] 'h’ would be better (like XHTML2), so we can deprecate 'h*' in the future without the "group" sounding strange

[Bug 9474] Renaming hgroup to h would be better (like XHTML2), so we can deprecate 'h*' in the future without the "group" sounding strange

[Bug 9503] change controller for text/html-sandboxed media type

[Bug 9505] Immutable checkbox, radio and file input types should not suffer from value missing

[Bug 9506] "Content inside a blockquote must be quoted from another source, whose address, if it has one, should be cited in the cite attribute." **Should** be cited?

[Bug 9510] Allow a meta content-language element to occur more than once

[Bug 9511] keywords: strip spaces at separation comma

[Bug 9512] 4.6.5: the cite element when a person's name is the work's name

[Bug 9513] It's not clear what takes precendece on a conflit: For spliting our web site structure into sections, should we use a section (without header on some cases) our should we use DIV (knowing that div brings no semantic relevance at all). The *should* on the

[Bug 9513] New: It's not clear what takes precendece on a conflit: For spliting our web site structure into sections, should we use a section (without header on some cases) our should we use DIV (knowing that div brings no semantic relevance at all). The *should* on the

[Bug 9514] New: Specify Selection.modify()

[Bug 9514] Specify Selection.modify()

[Bug 9515] Allow <noscript> element as child element of <head> element

[Bug 9515] New: Allow <noscript> element as child element of <head> element

[Bug 9516] New: space characters

[Bug 9516] space characters

[Bug 9517] Homogenize linkage of external sources

[Bug 9517] New: Homogenize linkage of external sources

[Bug 9518] New: Should reference W3C Recommendation 01 April 2010 "XML Entity Definitions for Characters"

[Bug 9518] Should reference W3C Recommendation 01 April 2010 "XML Entity Definitions for Characters"

[Bug 9519] Is it me, or is this a big deal not to support dates before year one?

[Bug 9519] New: Is it me, or is this a big deal not to support dates before year one?

[Bug 9521] New: Window Object

[Bug 9521] Window Object

[Bug 9522] New: Window Object

[Bug 9522] Window Object

[Bug 9523] <figcaption> should allow <p>s (change content model to flow)

[Bug 9523] New: <figcaption> should allow <p>s (change content model to flow)

[Bug 9524] "...the user agent is 7configured to block access" s/7//

[Bug 9524] New: "...the user agent is 7configured to block access" s/7//

[Bug 9525] New: WHat happens when a browser supports both XHTML and HTML? Which has precedence? There should be a decision chart leading to this point with defaults for missing elements then something to say what you use if you support both and the Web page is missing w

[Bug 9525] WHat happens when a browser supports both XHTML and HTML? Which has precedence? There should be a decision chart leading to this point with defaults for missing elements then something to say what you use if you support both and the Web page is missing w

[Bug 9526] New: Replace "text/javascript" with "application/ecmascript"

[Bug 9526] Replace "text/javascript" with "application/ecmascript"

[Bug 9527] New: tags and syntax

[Bug 9527] tags and syntax

[Bug 9528] New: tags and syntax

[Bug 9528] tags and syntax

[Bug 9529] New: output element reset algorithm should set value mode flag to default _before_ setting textContent

[Bug 9529] output element reset algorithm should set value mode flag to default _before_ setting textContent

[Bug 9530] New: Validity of meta "pragmas"

[Bug 9530] Validity of meta "pragmas"

[Bug 9533] New: The Microdata extration algorithm should include image alt-text when extracting the contents of an element as a string

[Bug 9533] The Microdata extration algorithm should include image alt-text when extracting the contents of an element as a string

[Bug 9534] audio element

[Bug 9534] New: audio element

[Bug 9535] Consider the poem example of figure. It should be possible to omit the </p> tag there. Maybe we should make <figcaption> imply </p> in the parser.

[Bug 9535] New: Consider_the_poem_example_of_figure._It_should_be_possible_to_omit_the_</p>_tag_there._Maybe_we_should_make_<figcaption>_imply_</p>_in_the_parser.

[Bug 9542] New: Recommended rendering for table alignment does not match reality

[Bug 9542] Recommended rendering for table alignment does not match reality

[Bug 9545] frameborder attribute on <iframe> should be obsolete but conforming

[Bug 9545] New: frameborder attribute on <iframe> should be obsolete but conforming

[Bug 9546] computing atom:updated

[Bug 9546] New: computing atom:updated

[Bug 9547] New: If more than one element has the autofocus attribute specified, only the first one should be focused

[Bug 9548] New: autofocus attribute should be ignored after the load event

[Bug 9550] New: not all work with chrome

[Bug 9550] not all work with chrome

[Bug 9551] New: the clipping region are cool but how select one

[Bug 9552] New: xref 'URL decomposition IDL attributes'

[Bug 9554] Define procedure for entering Last Call

[Bug 9554] New: Define procedure for entering Last Call

[Bug 9555] New: Inconsistent specification of 'href' attribute for <link>

[Bug 9556] New: Spelling Check: "Let current outlinee be null" Outlinee should be Outline?

[Bug 9559] "Color well control" should be "color wheel control" I think.

[Bug 9559] New: "Color well control" should be "color wheel control" I think.

[Bug 9560] New: [history] The line game example doesn't work properly

[Bug 9564] New: s/<span title="dom-output-wrap">htmlFor</span>/<span title="dom-output-htmlFor">htmlFor</span>/

[Bug 9566] New: Please support line-types/styles [like dotted etc] !!!

[Bug 9572] New: test for gears, i like it

[Bug 9572] test for gears, i like it

[Bug 9573] New: spec input.onsearch and I will ensure that your comment is descriptive enough that the editor can understand it.

[Bug 9573] spec input.onsearch

[Bug 9574] New: Floating point number tolerance

[Bug 9575] header lacks footer’s reference to scoping (nearest ancestor sectioning element/body)

[Bug 9575] New: header lacks footer’s reference to scoping (nearest ancestor sectioning element/body)

[Bug 9576] New: just say "an ASCII case-insensitive match for "URL"" instead of "either a U+0055 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER U character (U) or a U+0075 LATIN SMALL LETTER U character (u), a U+0052 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R character (R) or a U+0072 LATIN SMALL LETTER R character

[Bug 9577] New: Define the x and y attributes. Both Gecko and WebKit have them and apparently some sites depend on them :/

[Bug 9578] New: On http-state it was mentioned that browsers support Set-Cookie here. Ugh!

[Bug 9578] On http-state it was mentioned that browsers support Set-Cookie here. Ugh!

[Bug 9579] New: An element should not suffer from pattern mismatch if the pattern attribute value is the empty string

[Bug 9580] New: Steps for handling end tags in the "in foreign" mode walk past the root node in the stack

[Bug 9581] New: Steps for handling end tags in the "in foreign" mode may compare the name of an already-popped node

[Bug 9582] New: Steps for handling end tags in the "in foreign" mode get stuck in an infinite loop

[Bug 9584] New: drawImage() shouldn't throw INVALID_STATE_ERR

[Bug 9585] "The compatMode Implemented and widely deployed #dom-document-compatmode Tests: 6 — View... Demos: 0 Latest Internet Explorer beta: excellent support Latest Firefox trunk nightly build: excellent support Latest WebKit or Chromium trunk build: inc

[Bug 9585] New: "The compatMode Implemented and widely deployed #dom-document-compatmode Tests: 6 — View... Demos: 0 Latest Internet Explorer beta: excellent support Latest Firefox trunk nightly build: excellent support Latest WebKit or Chromium trunk build: inc

[Bug 9586] New: need support for changing tracks - especially audio tracks in the case of multilingual video media types

[Bug 9587] New: It is not clear whether document styles then scoped styles should be applied to the scope or only the scoped styles, ignoring the document styles.

[Bug 9589] HTML5 should give examples for how to present @title when the user can't use a pointing device

[Bug 9589] New: HTML5 should give examples for how to present @title when the user can't use a pointing device

[Bug 9590] New: Consider "prefix--" instead of "_prefix-" as a pattern for proprietary extensions

[Bug 9591] New: itemref should say "HTML elements"

[Bug 9592] New: user agents should provide an indication that an image has not been rendered

[Bug 9592] user agents should provide an indication that an image has not been rendered

[Bug 9593] New: Anchors in spec are not consistent

[Bug 9594] New: iphone icon size is 57x57, not 59x60

[Bug 9596] lol lol lol lol wut

[Bug 9596] New: lol lol lol lol wut

[Bug 9601] New: ose corners are the four points (sx, sy), (sx+sw, sy), (sx+sw, sy+sh), (sx, sy+sh). If the source rectangle is not entirely within the source image, or if one of the sw or sh arguments is zero, the implementation must raise an INDEX_SIZE_ERR exception.

[Bug 9602] New: That autofocus attribute will wreak security havok. What an ignorant idea to bring more logic to HTML. I think I know a couple of ways to abuse it, since it actually is some sort of flow control, which only scripting languages should be capable of. I hope

[Bug 9602] That autofocus attribute will wreak security havok. What an ignorant idea to bring more logic to HTML. I think I know a couple of ways to abuse it, since it actually is some sort of flow control, which only scripting languages should be capable of. I hope

[Bug 9603] New: If the origin parameter does not match the Document origin the Referer header should also be excluded. Alternatively a way to omit the Referer header would be good for CORS.

[Bug 9604] New: For CORS we want a way to prevent setting cookies. Might be nice if that was part of the fetch algorithm.

[Bug 9614] New: this is for testing

[Bug 9615] New: this is sexy

[Bug 9619] New: HTML Device Spec - Could Use More Example Code

[Bug 9621] New: How do we read the current Transform applied to the context?

[Bug 9622] New: How do we set the clip region for a draw operation?

[Bug 9623] <details> and <summary> are missing from the "strong aria semantics" table

[Bug 9623] New: <details> and <summary> are missing from the "strong aria semantics" table

[Bug 9624] datalist should not filter options with no value

[Bug 9624] New: datalist should not filter options with no value

[Bug 9625] New: select element should accept the required attribute

[Bug 9625] select element should be able to suffer from being missing

[Bug 9626] New: Elements which can't match :required rule should not match :optional pseudo-class

[Bug 9627] New: be more specific in external references

[Bug 9628] "willful violation" for detecting the charset

[Bug 9628] New: "willful violation" for detecting the charset

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