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[Bug 8554] <progress> element should be labelable with a label (Sunday, 27 December)

[Bug 8144] Is a 'visibility: hidden' element being rendered? (Saturday, 19 December)

[Bug 8525] New: Authoring Tools are exempt from using elements only for their specified purpose (Friday, 18 December)

[Bug 8524] New: Guidance for Authoring Tool Markup Generators (Friday, 18 December)

[Bug 8523] New: WYSYWYG tools should gather semantic information (Friday, 18 December)

[Bug 8522] New: Authoring Tool editing mechanisms (Friday, 18 December)

HTML-A11y Minutes for 17 December Janina Sajka (Thursday, 17 December)

Current state of the summary discussion Cynthia Shelly (Thursday, 17 December)

background on ARIA overrides Cynthia Shelly (Thursday, 17 December)

Agenda: HTML-A11Y 17 December 2009 at 16:00Z Topic: Table Summary Janina Sajka (Wednesday, 16 December)

[Bug 8187] Section 4.8.7 on video makes no reference to audio description (Wednesday, 16 December)

[Bug 8171] Implement the text alternatives proposal from WAI (Wednesday, 16 December)

[Bug 7721] Drag and Drop is not keyboard accessible (Wednesday, 16 December)

[Bug 8187] Section 4.8.7 on video makes no reference to audio description (Wednesday, 16 December)

[Bug 5758] insufficient accessibility fallback for <audio> or <video> (Wednesday, 16 December)

required use of @summary on data tables in new french govt web accessibilityguidelines Steven Faulkner (Friday, 11 December)

Minutes: December 10, 2009 HTML-A11Y Task Force Call Richard Schwerdtfeger (Thursday, 10 December)

RGAA (was RE: @summary in the wild) (Thursday, 10 December)

Involving Users for Better Accessibility. Summary Eval Wiki Page Update (was CHANGE PROPOSAL: Table Summary) Laura Carlson (Wednesday, 9 December)

Agenda: HTML-A11Y telcon 10 December 2009 at 16:00Z - ARIA-in-HTML5 document-conformance criteria Michael(tm) Smith (Wednesday, 9 December)

@summary in the wild (was FW: [WebAIM] Jaws 11 and table summary) John Foliot (Tuesday, 8 December)

minutes: HTML A11y TF Telecon, 2009-01-23 [draft] Gregory J. Rosmaita (Thursday, 3 December)

change proposal:modification to section the img element Steven Faulkner (Thursday, 3 December)

regrets today Re: Announcing HTML A11y Teleconferences Charles McCathieNevile (Thursday, 3 December)

Re: Announcing HTML A11y Teleconferences aurélien levy (Wednesday, 2 December)

Agenda: HTML-A11Y Telecon 3 December 2009 at 16:00Z for 60 minutes Janina Sajka (Wednesday, 2 December)

FW: CHANGE PROPOSAL: Table Summary Cynthia Shelly (Tuesday, 1 December)

Re: timing model of the media resource in HTML5 Philip Jägenstedt (Tuesday, 1 December)

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