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@summary in the wild (was FW: [WebAIM] Jaws 11 and table summary)

From: John Foliot <jfoliot@stanford.edu>
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 15:41:06 -0800 (PST)
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Just passing on this tid-bit as more 'proof' of @summary usage in the
wild.  I neither know Hamish, nor am I aware of the page(s) he was testing
out, but the tone of his posting suggests to me that he actively seeks out
@summary content whenever possible - so yes, some users expect it and some
content providers provide it.


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Subject: [WebAIM] Jaws 11 and table summary

Hi All 

I have discovered what I think might be a bug in Jaws 11 and would like
some confirmation that others may be experiencing the same.

At work we are unfortunately still using IE6 and I have noticed that the
table summary is not actually being read any more with Jaws 11.  Rather
than hearing the text of the summary I just hear the word summary.  I
have tested the same few pages with Jaws 10 and Jaws 9 and they both
read the summary just fine, as does firefox with all those versions of

When I got home last night I tried out the same pages with Jaws 11 and
IE8 and the summary worked fine.  I don't have a pc running a build of
IE 7 so cant test with that, and was wondering if anyone else might be
able to have a look.

In conclusion I think that the latest version of Jaws has broken support
for table summaries in IE6 and possibly 7 but it seems fine in Ie8.

wondering if anyone can confirm or deny.


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