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[ANN] XForms Developer Zone and London XForms User Group

Action done

Agenda+ Activity statement

Agenda+ DOM* events

Can someone else take minutes tomorrow?

Draft minutes for 2009-09-02

Draft minutes for 2009-09-23

Fwd: Marked addEventListenerNS and removeEventListenerNS At Risk

Likely regrets for today's call (eom)

Minutes for Sept 09, 2009 Forms Telecon

Minutes for Sept 16, 2009 Forms telecon

Moving Form Events from DOM3 Events to HTML5

Moving Form Events from DOM3 Events to HTML5 (was: Removing Form Events?)

New Draft of DOM Level 3 Events Published

Pending working group decision to advance XForms 1.1 to Recommendation

please send meetings/workshops information to calreq to be listed in the Member Events calendar

Possible regrets for todays call

RELAXNG schema package link

TELECON AGENDA - 02 Sep 2009


TELECON AGENDA - 23 Sep 2009

TELECON AGENDA - 30 Sep 2009

TELECON AGENDA for Sept 16, 2009


Updated list of action items 2009-09-03

XForms 1.1 is a Proposed Recommendation (Call for Review)

XForms 1.1 Relax NG Schema attached

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