Re: New Draft of DOM Level 3 Events Published

Hi Raman,

We dropped namespace prefixed event names from XML Events 2 a while
back, because we suspected this might happen. The last editors draft
says, in section 6, 'Naming Event Types' [1]:

  This specification does not normatively specify how language designers
  should name events (i.e., the values used in the event attribute).

  However, future versions of DOM Events are likely to allow namespaced
  event names, so language designers are advised not to use the colon
  character ":" in event names.



[1] <>

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 7:35 PM, T.V Raman <> wrote:
> suspect will break XML events since they may be dropping support
> for namespaced events 2009-09-08: The WebApps Working Group has published a new Working Draft of
> DOM Level 3 Events, a generic platform- and language-neutral event system
> which allows registration of event handlers, describes event flow through
> a tree structure, and provides basic contextual information for each
> event. DOM3 Events introduces an advanced text and keyboard event model,
> including composition events for input-method editors and other
> internationalization issues.
> Worth a review, with respect to XML Events 2.
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