[ANN] XForms Developer Zone and London XForms User Group

Hello all,

In between creating XForms processors and building XForms
applications, we've managed to find a little time to put together some
resources for XForms enthusiasts.


The first is a new XForms website, the XForms Developer Zone. It will
contain articles, tutorials, reference material, tips and tricks, and
more, about everything to do with XForms. We'll cover any and all uses
of XForms, on as many XForms processors as we can find. 'xformsdz' can
be found here:


where you can also sign up for the newsletter.

xformsdz is also on Twitter, here:


If you'd like to write an article about your processor, provide a
case-study on your recent project, expound your theories on how best
to use XForms in some new environment, or make an announcement about
the latest release of your software, we'd love to hear from you!

In fact, whatever your idea, just drop me an email on this address,
and I'm sure we'd be happy to run with it.


The second resource we've launched is an XForms user group, based in London:

You don't have to be London-based to join, so if you want to get the
emails so you know what you are missing, or join the discussions, then
just sign up here:


But if you are in or around London, then it would be great to see you
at a meeting. Next week we'll be talking about XForms and why its MVC
architecture is so important:


and in October we'll be hearing how XForms are being used in the UK
insurance industry, from industry expert Neal Champion:


We're planning to look at XForms and CMS for November or December --
but if you have any topic suggestions, then again, please let me know.

Events are free, and it would be great to see you there!



Mark Birbeck, webBackplane



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