Re: Moving Form Events from DOM3 Events to HTML5

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 2:57 PM, Ian Hickson <> wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Sep 2009, Anne van Kesteren wrote:
>> FWIW, what HTML5 does (which I think is fine) does not really amount to
>> defining the event. It just says at certain places in the algorithms of
>> the specification to dispatch an event called x. (With the appropriate
>> details being defined in each case.) If other specifications use an
>> event with the same name they would not need to refer to HTML5.
>> E.g. HTML5 has a readystatechange event that is dispatched on the
>> Document object. It does not need to refer to XMLHttpRequest for that or
>> vice versa. They are separate events that just happen to have the same
>> name and all the same properties.
> Yeah. I really don't see any point in DOM Events actually defining any
> events, to be honest, except if it also includes the strict requirements
> for when they fire -- but even that, I'd prefer in a separate spec or
> chapter, e.g. a User Interaction Events spec or chapter that defines in
> painful detail when mouse events fire.
> Right now, the text in DOM Events for when events fire is woefully
> inadequate if we're to get full interop. For example, with 'submit', it
> didn't even say if the event was async or sync, let alone exactly where it
> fit into the submission model. Same with all the others.

Though, in all fairness, there's lots of things in specs that you
produce that really belong in separate specs. ;-)

/ Jonas

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