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[GLD] Agenda for 2010-09-10 meeting at 1200 UTC

[GLD] Agenda for 2010-09-17 meeting at 1200 UTC

[GLD] Agenda for 2010-09-24 meeting at 1200 UTC

[GLD] Agenda for 2010-10-01 meeting at 1200 UTC

[GLD] Meeting 3 Sep 2010

[open-government] Data Transparency Presentation

A secret ingredient for Beautiful Soup ...

Data as Product / Little Maps

Data Transparency Presentation

DC-application profile and linked data for the Netherlands Government information

G2G, B2C

GLDDemo minutes

New Public Sector Transparency Board and Public Data Transparency Principles

Shameless plug: Internet, politique et coproduction citoyenne



Wireless human pollution

XML Fever

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