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Actions done for today's call

Agenda DPVCG 7 May

Agenda next DPVCG call *23 May*, 16:00 CEST

DPVCG call today

dpvcg-ACTION-103: Close actions to be closed as per

dpvcg-ACTION-104: Discuss with axel to make sure issues are reflected in fpwd

dpvcg-ACTION-105: Remove duplicate top-level classes from subsheets.

dpvcg-ACTION-106: Change isderived to a class

dpvcg-ACTION-107: Coordinate with bert and harsh, where to place the namespace documents, e.g. dpv-nace

dpvcg-ACTION-108: Define location for namespace documents

dpvcg-ACTION-109: Check with harsh whether/how the script have a way to display the "comments" column as issues to be discussed in the spec generation?

dpvcg-ACTION-110: Review comments on personaldatacategory descriptions and see whether we need to discuss, request any specific comments.. on any of them

DPVCG: vocab questions

Happy Privmas Eve - and 1 year DPV anniversary

ISSUE-19: Do we need a generic mechanism to describe conditions, constraints and restrcitions to a specific processing or data category or can we re-use odrl's mechanism?

ISSUE-20: How to express sensity of data?

ISSUE-21: Ask for specific feedback on (un)ambiguity of the term descriptions

next Telco

PETS pre-event PUT 2019 - please help to distribute the Call for Posters, Demos, Presentations

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