DPVCG: vocab questions

Hi Elmar, Fajar.
I'm cleaning the spreadsheet, and need to resolve a few pending issues 
to get it to v1.
I wasn't sure who is leading which category (Personal Data / Purpose), 
so I've included both.

1) Personal Data

a) Missing descriptions
There are missing descriptions for classes, presumably because the 
EnterPrivacy spreadsheet did not have them (I think?). If so, we would 
need to define them, similar to what we did with the processing tab.
Do we have these descriptions elsewhere in another spreadsheet by change 
or do we need to define them anew?

b) Remove DerivedData as a Parent Class
DerivedData is defined as a parent class for a few classes - I think 
primarily because those classes represent data not possible to obtain by 
observation (?). However, since a person can always explicitly provide 
that data, I think the use of DerivedData is not semantically correct.
For example, Internal is defined as a subclass of DerivedData. However, 
I can always explicitly provide this information, in which it should not 
be classified as derived.
Therefore, I think DerivedData should be removed as a parent class from 
the other classes

2) Purpose

a) Remove NACE from purposes
Since we define NACE in an external namespace (dpv-nace), we don't need 
the example NACE classes in the purposes vocab, and should remove them

b) Beneficiary is accepted or proposed?
The class beneficiary (and property) in purposes is grayed out and does 
not have descriptions or provenance. Do you know if it is accepted, or 
is supposed to be removed?

Harshvardhan Pandit
PhD Researcher
ADAPT Centre
Trinity College Dublin

Received on Friday, 10 May 2019 11:45:07 UTC