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"Author" of multicol tests in Shepherd

2 issues with content-attr-002 [nightly-unstable]

[CSS21-errata] Testcases for recent resolutions

[CSS21] margin-collapse-164 is currently invalid per section 9.5.2


[multi-col] multicol-reduce-000-ref

[multicol] set width of multicol block not dividable by number of columns without creating fraction

[nightly-unstable] multicol-fill-000-ref.htm is incorrect

[RC6] background-position-applies-to-001, 002, 003 and 004 are incorrect; 005 and 006 probably too

[RC6] background-position-applies-to-005, 006 are incorrect, 007 is a bit weak; 008 and 012 rejected

[RC6] background-position-applies-to-007; 007a added and 014 rejected

[RC6] background-repeat-applies-to-*

[RC6] border-[bottom|top]-width-014 fractional pixel

[RC6] border-applies-to-* ; border-applies-to-008 could be reftested if ...

[RC6] border-bottom-width-applies-to-008 and 014 have issues

[RC6] border-conflict-element-021 is a bit weak

[RC6] table-layer-transparency-011 is a bit imprecise

[Spec issue] How a cell's height is set

Build pre-CR "awaiting review" tests into the harness

namespace syntax-004 is invalid

Preliminary feedback, comments on multicol tests

Reftest filename convention; multicol-rule-inset-000; small issues

Shepherd back online now

Shepherd going offline for maintenance

Shepherd going offline now

Submitting more transforms tests

Test format guidelines: 2 new guidelines added wrt Ahem font

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