[CSS21-errata] Testcases for recent resolutions

I had an action item (ACTION-436) on me to propose wording, seek 
resolution and create testcases for several margin collapsing issues 
that were discussed in the 2012 Paris F2F.

The WG resolved on wording in two of the April telecons, and I have now 
created testcases for two of the issues, and these are attached to the 
bug reports.

The issues are:

Margin collapsing: pathological collapsing behaviour for auto-height, 
non-zero min-height elements with self-collapsing child (Issue 211)

Margin collapsing: unintuitive collapsing between last child and 
auto-height, large min-height parent

Margin collapsing: clarification needed to Note in 10.7 (min-height and 

The resolved change in the third issue is a modification to a 
non-normative note, clarifying what the spec was already saying.  As 
such, there is no independent testcase for that issue; the testcase for 
the second issue covers the area being clarified.

Anton Prowse

Received on Monday, 21 May 2012 16:58:07 UTC