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Le Jeu 17 mai 2012 12:22, Tharp, Dave a écrit :
> The test uses the "old" representation 'vm' instead of the unit 'vmin'
> required by the specification.  IE recognizes this unit, standards
> compliant browsers do not.
> See:
> Suggest changing the test to use 'vmin' instead of 'vm'
> Regards,
> -Dave Tharp


Such Microsoft test has not been submitted to the W3C.

Also, there is no CSS3 values and units test suite at W3C yet, so far:

I suggest to send your excellent and relevant feedback to IE blog;
frankly, I'm not sure where/how people are supposed to send feedback,
comments, reports to IE dev. team when newest CSS3 tests are wrong.

I also suggest that you always try to give a meaningful, descriptive but
short subject line to your email: eg
[CSS3 values] units-000 uses deprecated vm length unit instead of vmin

regards, Gérard
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