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28 proposals to improve testcase writing guidelines

[nightly-unstable] html-precedence-005 is incorrect

[RC6] anonymous-boxes-inheritance-001 imprecise, incorrect; border-bottom-style-010 imprecise

[RC6] c411-vt-mrgn-000 is incorrect: fractional pixel issue!

[RC6] line-height-bleed-001, 002 and 003 are imprecise or incorrect

[RC6] overflow-applies-to-013 : overflow does *not* apply to table elements

[Shepherd] Use query string for searches

[Solved] Re: Anti-aliasing and making reftest (absolute-non-replaced-width-017)

Anti-aliasing and making reftest (absolute-non-replaced-width-017)

Computed value of 'border-width: thick': 6px for Opera 11.60, 5px for other browsers

Creating reftest for c24-first-lttr-000: obscur 1px difference in Firefox 8

Creating reftests for tests involving half of the unpredictable width of another element; reftests for c43-rpl-bbx-002 and c43-rpl-ibx-000

Implied horizontal margin for body element: 8px presumed but 10px for Konqueror 4+

Inline boxes created by <strong> or <b> are not handled the same by browsers (c13-inheritance-000)

Maximum (viewport) height for testcases; vertical scrollbar checked in automated checking of reftests

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