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Chapter_11/overflow-applies-to-*.htm testcases (was Re: Updated cases based on feedback)

CSS visited links and generated content

CSS2.1 Test Suite Alpha 3 Published

CSS2.1 Test Suite Beta 1

ex unit testcases; Microsoft's border-spacing-083.xht and border-spacing-084.xht

ident-003 should be marked invalid, no? (at-keywords-002, at-rules-000)

Initial list-style-type (marker) for list-item elements: Microsoft's Chapter_9/display-003.htm

Invalid test cases

Invalid test cases (content: attr(<identifier>) content-161.html, 162, 163, 164)


Microsoft CSS3 media queries testcases

Microsoft CSS3 selectors testcases

Mozilla small-caps test

Testcases with ex unit; Microsoft's Chapter_4/numbers-units-019.htm

Tests on HTML5 video and CSS

Updated cases based on feedback

why is escaped-ident-004.xht invalid?

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