Re: Invalid test cases (content: attr(<identifier>) content-161.html, 162, 163, 164)

> It seems as if the following test cases are invalid.
> content-161
> content-162
> content-163
> content-164
> All four cases are making the assumption that styles should apply to
> replaced elements. It is up to the UA which styles they apply to
> replaced elements. If they do apply styles they are to be considered
> experimental. Thus these test cases need to be modified to actually work
> in all scenarios or the cases need to be removed.
> --
> Thanks,
> Arron Eicholz


Fair enough. No problem. I am removing the 4 testcases. I just noticed a
note to that effect in section 12.1:

This specification does not fully define the interaction of :before and
:after with replaced elements (such as IMG in HTML).

regards, Gérard
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