Microsoft CSS3 media queries testcases

Hi Arron,

I was looking at the testcases in
that Firefox is marked as failing.  Since I suspect Microsoft either
has or is planning to contribute these to CSS test suites, I'm
cc:ing public-css-testsuite as well.  (If there's a better contact
for these tests, feel free to let me know.  I'm guessing that if
it's not you, you probably know the right person, though.)

I think the first three (of the five) tests there that Firefox is
marked as failing, Firefox is actually correct.  In particular:

These tests:
are incorrect because the spec says:
  # A specified <length> cannot be negative. 
in both and .  Therefore the
queries are in error and should be handled using the rules for
incorrect queries.

This test:
is incorrect because the spec says:
  # The <resolution> value is a positive <number> immediately
  # followed by a unit identifier (‘dpi’ or ‘dpcm’). 
in , and therefore
0dpi is not a valid <resolution>.


L. David Baron                       
Mozilla Corporation             

Received on Saturday, 5 June 2010 00:02:03 UTC