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Initial list-style-type (marker) for list-item elements: Microsoft's Chapter_9/display-003.htm

From: Gérard Talbot <css21testsuite@gtalbot.org>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2010 16:42:52 -0700
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Hello all,



In my opinion, when an element is set to 'display: list-item', then it
should display the principal block box with a marker box typical of
list-item. The initial values of list-style-type (disc),
list-style-image (none) and list-style-position (outside) should be used
for list-item elements.
Section 12.5.1 'list-style-type', 'list-style-image',
'list-style-position' properties

So, I see no reason, no justification to declare

list-style-type: disc;

in the display-003.htm testcase.

In fact, specifying 'list-style-type: disc' more or less defeats the
underlying purpose of the testcase: the <span> element should be
displayed as a list item along with initial list-(type, position, image)
values for a list item.


When the spec says
An element with 'display: list-item' generates a principal box for the
element's content and an optional marker box as a visual indication that
the element is a list item.

I personally do not quite understand why the adjective "optional" was
used by the spec writer. The marker box exists regardless of
'list-style-position' declaration and when 'list-style-type' is 'none',
then the marker box is empty, has no marker but there is still a marker
box ... as far as I understand this.

regards, Gérard
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