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5.3.2 Margin, Space, and Indent Properties


[ANN] EditiX 4.0 - XML Editor

Action: Replies to Glen Mazza's comments on Bookmarks

Ask help to announce the conference: CIS'05...

Augen auf

Can space-before, et al be specified as a percentage-range?

compound datatype inheritance

Deadline Extended - IEEE/WIC/ACM Intelligent Agent Technology 2005

Deadline Extended - IEEE/WIC/ACM WEB INTELLIGENCE 2005

definition of "first character of each word"

Differing region-body ipd values, esp. for table column width

Du wirst ausspioniert ....!

Final CFP : IEEE ICDM'05

from-page-master-region() and Re: reference-orientation

Fwd: xsl misspelling

Interpretation of relative keep strength

max-height, etc

Predictability of rendering regions on the page

Request for XSLT 1.0 erratum on stylesheet processing model


white space handling for fo:bookmark-title [was: "color" property for fo:bookmark-title]

xsl-before-float-separator & xsl-footnote-separator

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