Re: from-page-master-region() and Re: reference-orientation


Yes you are correct in that we should not violate our rule to have
inheritance down the  FO tree that holds the content.  We do not believe we
have properties that inherit from the fo:layout-master-set.  Pulling a
value using a property-value function is not inheritance.

Thanks again for your comments and interest in XSL 1.1.


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Sharon Adler wrote:
> Peter,
> I must apologize for taking so long to answer your comment on XSL 1.1.
> value your comments and recognize that we need to introduce an
> mechanism that inherits selectively from the layout rather than down
> formatting object tree.  However, we believe that this is part of a more
> extensive set of functionality we wish to introduce in the next version
> XSL.  It is at that time that we will design "layout-driven inheritance".
> Thank you for your interest in XSL 1.1.
> Sharon


Thank you for your response.  I have some feeling for the difficulties
the editors face with these questions.

Given that the editors wish to retain a simple FO tree inheritance
model, it seems to me important that such a principle not be violated
for the properties on the fo:layout-master-set subtree.  If properties
on, e.g., individual fo:region-body elements are inherited, not down the
fo:layout-master-set subtree, but through the fo:page-sequence-master,
then FO tree inheritance has been partially replaced by layout driven

I much appreciate the efforts of the editors.

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