Re: <padding-width>

According to the defintion of the "reference-orientation" property
it establishes which edge is "top" "left" "bottom" and "right" of the
content rectangle.

In 5.3.3 "Height and Width properties" is stated:

The "height" properties are absolute and indicate the dimension from "top"
to "bottom"; the width properties the dimension from "left" to "right".

Thus "width" is dependent on the reference-orientation.


>(My apologies if this has been sent twice.)
>The editors,
>Following on from my earlier discussion on this topic is a question as
>to the reference dimension for a percentage on the relative padding
>properties, when the closest ancestor block-area not a line-area has a
>different writing-mode or reference-orientation. All of the definitions
>of percentage on padding-* relative properties refer to the "width" of
>the containing block.
>This presumably accounts for differences of writing-mode, as "width" is
>absolute.  What about differences of reference-orientation?  Is the
>"width" the absolute width in the parent's orientation?
>A similar question can be asked in respect of the margin-* absolute
>Yours faithfully,
>Peter West
>Peter B. West wrote:
>> The editors,
>> The XSL 1.1 draft Recommendation of 2004-12-16 includes, as a value type
>> for the padding-* properties, <padding-width>.  This is nowher defined
>> in the Recommendation.  In CSS2, in 8.4 Padding properties:
>> 'padding-top', 'padding-right', 'padding-bottom', 'padding-left', and
>> 'padding', it is defined as follows.
>> <quote>
>> The properties defined in this section refer to the <padding-width>
>> value type, which may take one of the following values:
>> <length>
>>     Specifies a fixed width.
>> <percentage>
>>     The percentage is calculated with respect to the width of the
>> generated box's containing block, even for 'padding-top' and
>> 'padding-bottom'.
>> Unlike margin properties, values for padding values cannot be negative.
>> Like margin properties, percentage values for padding properties refer
>> to the width of the generated box's containing block.
>> </quote>
>> Would it be possible to expand the "<padding-width>" into its components
>> in each of the XSL padding-* property definitions?
>> Yours faithfully,
>Peter B. West <>
>Folio <> <>

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