RE: span-reference-areas

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> Sent: Thursday, 24 March, 2005 3:11
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> Subject: span-reference-areas
> Why can't span-reference-areas be nested in each other? 
> The number of normal-flow-reference-areas of a nested
> span-reference-area could then be less than that of its
> parent span-reference-area.
> This would make it possible to apply the "span" property
> to block-container and to give it an integer range value
> instead of only "none" or "all".

The XSL WG considered this issue during the development
of XSL 1.0.  We felt there were lots of complex 
implementation issues involved in allowing nested
span-reference-areas, and we didn't want to do that
in XSL 1.0.  When scoping 1.1, we did not include
reconsideration of this issue, so any such consideration
would have to wait to a future release of the spec.

I've added this issue to our "post 1.1 issues" list.

Paul for the XSL FO SG.

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