Issue 302: Graph edges that do not terminate

I took an action item at last weeks concall to propose resolution text
for Issue 302[1]

It turns out I had already incorporated such text into the editor's copy
of part 2[2] as part of the resolution to Issue 353[3] ( classified
editorial ).
The text can be found in green highlight at[4]. Also refer to clause 4

If people are unhappy with the resolution, perhaps the following would
be preferable:

1. Remove the green highlighted text from[4]

2. Amend clause 4 of[5] to read:

	Certain graphs may sometimes contain a given edge and at other
times that edge will be missing. Such missing edges can either be
omitted from the 	serialization or can be encoded as an element
information item with an xsi:nil attribute information item whose value
is "true". 

On the whole, I think I prefer the above, rather than what is in the
editor's copy. The problem with the editor's copy is that there is no
way to determine the label of an edge which does not terminate in a
graph node. While this is OK for an outbound edge of an array, it is not
OK for an outbound edge of a struct. The above resolution draws out the
fact that the edges were not present in the graph at serialization time.

If we mandated xsi:nil then there would be an edge label, so the above
concern would go away, but I'm not sure anyone want's to go there right

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Received on Sunday, 8 September 2002 20:27:22 UTC