Re: Issue 302: Graph edges that do not terminate

As you say, the editors draft makes the data model clear.  While I agree 
that from a graph-theory point of view, the structures are not the most 
obvious ones, I think they're coherent and OK for our purposes.  One 
reason I'm OK with this is that we do not in fact have names for the 
nodes, other then the name(s) of the inbound edge(s).  So:

           | A
     | Struct  |

is about as close as we have to a struct "named" A, which is a very 
natural for our applications of the encoding to, for example, RPC.  So, I 
think what we have is OK.  If the nodes had names independent of the 
edges, I would  be a little less comfortable, but they don't.

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Received on Tuesday, 17 September 2002 10:12:39 UTC