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Publication announcement: SCXML as Last Call Working Draft Kazuyuki Ashimura (Tuesday, 18 December)

Virtual reality simulates 4D nuclear component factory; the on-going "uber experiment"; what's up at RIT? Digital Manufacturing Report Weekly Update (Thursday, 13 December)

FW: Re: [Publication Request] SCXML for LCWD Jim Barnett (Friday, 7 December)

Exploring advanced printed electronics; driving a paradigm shift; how to build a better battery Digital Manufacturing Report Weekly Update (Thursday, 6 December)

5 days left | book chapter abstracts | Media Convergent Divergence | Springer-Verlag artur.lugmayr@tut.fi (Monday, 26 November)

xsd validation bug in scxml? cvc-complex-type.2.4.b Carlos Verdes (Saturday, 24 November)

CCXMLtoSCXML.xsl raynald.gelinas@desjardins.com (Tuesday, 20 November)

Re%3A%20scxml%20Historic%20ancestor%20entry%20states&In-Reply-To=%253CCAMZOHDMF8%2BG%3DuqwRz1U3goTPRRTVKz7hDS-B3XML7kKJ34weuA%40mail.gmail.com%253E&References=%253CCAMZOHDMF8%2BG%3DuqwRz1U3goTPRRTVKz7hDS-B3XML7kKJ34weuA%40mail.gmail.com%253E Carlos Verdes (Wednesday, 14 November)

scxml Historic ancestor entry states Carlos Verdes (Tuesday, 13 November)

scxml Historic ancestor entry states Carlos Verdes (Tuesday, 13 November)

Use of fragment in URI to specifi initial state DOLECEK Ales (Thursday, 1 November)

Call for Book Chapters (Springer-Verlag): Convergent Divergence? - Cross-Disciplinary Viewpoint on Media Convergence artur.lugmayr@tut.fi (Tuesday, 16 October)

Computer Lexicons Adam Sobieski (Thursday, 11 October)

updated definition of DOM Event I/O Processor Jim Barnett (Thursday, 11 October)

Speech To SSML Adam Sobieski (Tuesday, 9 October)

Natural Language Generation, SSML, and Prosody Adam Sobieski (Tuesday, 9 October)

ANN: scxml-viz, scion-shell, and scion-web-simulation-environment Jacob Beard (Friday, 5 October)

Re: SCXML: DOM Events I/O David Junger (Tuesday, 2 October)

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