Virtual reality simulates 4D nuclear component factory; the on-going "uber experiment"; what's up at RIT?

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*** Dec 12, 2012 ***

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Feature Articles
   * Using Virtual Reality to Model a Nuclear Components Factory in Four Dimensions *
   At the University of Sheffield, a leading edge research center is helping Rolls-Royce plan a nuclear components factory. The center uses different kinds of simulation to create an evolving virtual model that provides not only 3D, but also the fourth dimension of time.
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   * CAE Experiment Provides Insight into Computing as a Service *
   After a fast-paced three months, Round 1 of the CAE Experiment concluded last month, with more than 160 digital manufacturing organizations and individuals from 25 countries, working together in 25 international teams. In this summary, Wolfgang Gentzsch and Burak Yenier present the experiment's main findings and challenges. And, Round 2 is now open for new CAE participants. Learn how you can be part of this grand experiment.
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   * PROFILE: Rochester Institute of Technology Launches University-Industry Partnership to Explore Advanced Printed Electronics *
   In PROFILE we highlight initiatives by government, non-profit organizations, academia and industry that are designed to drive advanced manufacturing. This story features RIT's collaborative efforts with several high tech firms, along with the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment and a NSF grant that will put the university's Brinkman Lab at the forefront of research and production in the fast growing field of printed electronics.
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   * Ultra-thin Cooling Jets for Next-gen Electronics - *
   * Armed and Dangerous - *
   * LCD Contacts Put Dollar Signs in UGent's Eyes - *
   * Shipping Outsourced Jobs Back Home - *

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Off the Wire
   * Altair’s HyperWorks Partner Alliance Continues to Grow, Adding Tolerance Analysis from Dimensional Control Systems - *
   * Spatial Corp, Open Design Alliance Announce Partnership - *
   * NVIDIA Receives DARPA Contract for Embedded Processors - *
   * Molex Introduces LGA 2011-0 CPU Socket for Intel i7 - *
   * Eurocom Offers MXM 3.0b for VGA Upgradeable Laptops - *
   * GE Drives Lower Costs with Manufacturing Software - *
   * ANSYS Drives Design Of Mazda Racing Engine - *
   * Porcupine Quills Inspire Medical Devices - *
   * STMicroelectronics Readies 28nm FD-SOI Technology - *
   * UTC Aerospace Secures V-22 Contracts - *
   * Audi Grabs TI's Jacinto 5 for Infotainment - *
   * Call for Speakers at RAPID Additive Manufacturing Event - *
   * Optum and SAS Align to Reduce Health Care Fraud - *
   * Mentor Embedded Sourcery Offers MATLAB, ARM Support - *
   * Tiny Transistor Challenges Silicon’s Dominance - *
   * Mellanox InfiniBand Helps Accelerate Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance - *
   * IBM Lights Up Silicon Chips - *
   * Copper, Gold and Tin for Efficient Chips - *
   * Army Calls on TeleCommunication for SatCom - *
   * TI Presents Future of Electronics CES 2013 - *
   * Cloud Storage Market Worth $46.8 Billion by 2018 - *
   * Raytheon Powers NASA's Earth at Night Images - *
   * Cougar Pounces On NA Market with Paradigm Sysdrill - *
   * TI's AFEs Boost Optical Networking Performance - *
   * TI, Nimbix Deliver Accelerated Compute Cloud - *
   * Simulation Accelerates Microwave Amplifier Design - *

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