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5 days left | book chapter abstracts | Media Convergent Divergence | Springer-Verlag

[Publication Request] SCXML for LCWD

ANN: scxml-viz, scion-shell, and scion-web-simulation-environment

Call for Book Chapters (Springer-Verlag): Convergent Divergence? - Cross-Disciplinary Viewpoint on Media Convergence


Computer Lexicons

Exploring advanced printed electronics; driving a paradigm shift; how to build a better battery

Natural Language Generation, SSML, and Prosody

Publication announcement: SCXML as Last Call Working Draft


scxml Historic ancestor entry states


Speech To SSML

updated definition of DOM Event I/O Processor

Use of fragment in URI to specifi initial state

Virtual reality simulates 4D nuclear component factory; the on-going "uber experiment"; what's up at RIT?

xsd validation bug in scxml? cvc-complex-type.2.4.b

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