ANN: scxml-viz, scion-shell, and scion-web-simulation-environment


I have released three new projects:

   - scxml-viz <>: A library for
   visualizing SCXML documents.
   - scion-shell <>: A simple shell
   environment for the SCION SCXML interpreter. It accepts SCXML events via
   stdin, and thus can be used to integrate SCXML with Unix shell programming.
   It integrates scxml-viz, so can also allow graphical simulation of SCXML
   - scion-web-simulation-environment<>:
   A simple proof-of-concept web sandbox environment for developing SCXML.
   Code can be entered on the left, and visualized on the right. Furthermore,
   SCION is integrated, so code can be simulated and graphically animated. A
   demo can be found here:

All projects are licensed under an Apache 2.0 license. I look forward to
your comments. Thanks,


Received on Friday, 5 October 2012 02:52:24 UTC