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Last call working draft of SSML 1.1 now available for reivew James Larson (Friday, 20 June)

Re: VoiceXML implied exiting Luke -Jr (Monday, 16 June)

Event handling problem Stefan Maton (Thursday, 12 June)

Notification of implicit bridge teardowns Sanders, Derek (Derek) (Friday, 30 May)

The In() predicate Stefan Maton (Tuesday, 27 May)

SISR default handling: for each rule or only for top level rule ? Sébastien Bratières (Monday, 26 May)

Shocked by new SCXML Draft Stefan Maton (Thursday, 22 May)

[PLS] Same late editorial corrections - OFFICIAL REPLY Baggia Paolo (Tuesday, 20 May)

[scxml] Fourth WD of SCXML is published Kazuyuki Ashimura (Saturday, 17 May)

<disconnect/> on outbound call Rethish (Tuesday, 13 May)

SSML 1.1 April face-to-face meeting summary Dan Burnett (Monday, 12 May)

[PLS] Same late editorial corrections Simon Reinhardt (Sunday, 4 May)

Re: query. - ISSUE-234 RJ Auburn (Thursday, 24 April)

Re: CCXML: Dialog and Connection objects ISSUE-236 / ISSUE-237 [cc] RJ Auburn (Thursday, 24 April)

Re: CCXML state variable - ISSUE-325 RJ Auburn (Thursday, 17 April)

chair's report from Orlando F2F meeting of VBWG, March 5-7, 2008 James Larson (Wednesday, 16 April)

SCXML: Fundamental questions Andrew Emmons (Friday, 11 April)

OpenPLS Dirk Schnelle (Friday, 11 April)

[pls] France Telecom, Orange Labs, Implementation Report for PLS 1.0 Candidate Recommendation paul.bagshaw@orange-ftgroup.com (Thursday, 10 April)

VXML: Reg caching policy Rajesh N (Wednesday, 9 April)

[pls] Loquendo Implementation Report for PLS 1.0 Specification Baggia Paolo (Friday, 4 April)

VXML: Regarding <prompt> in <object> and <subdialog> Rajesh N (Wednesday, 2 April)

Regarding xml:lang in prompts Rajesh N (Tuesday, 1 April)

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