[pls] France Telecom, Orange Labs, Implementation Report for PLS 1.0 Candidate Recommendation

France Telecom, Orange Labs, is happy to contribute to the PLS 1.0 Candidate Recommendation and to support the activities of the W3C Voice Browser working group by submitting the following PLS 1.0 Implementation Report.


To assist in the wider use of this W3C recommendation, France Telecom Orange Labs has released an implementation of PLS 1.0 under the Gnu General Public License version 3. This Implementation Report is based on that implementation, which takes the form of a PERL module and which is publicly available from http://www.orange.com/en_EN/innovation/patents_licensing/Software/PLS.html.




Paul Bagshaw
speech and sound technologies & processing laboratory
chargé d'études en synthèse vocale
paul.bagshaw@orange-ftgroup.com <mailto:paul.bagshaw@orange-ftgroup.com> 



Received on Thursday, 10 April 2008 09:11:33 UTC