www-voice@w3.org from April to June 2004 by thread

Report from the Voice Browser Working Group Face-to-face in Detroit on June 7-9 James A. Larson (Wednesday, 23 June)

Grammar Specification Question Cassandra Guy (Monday, 21 June)

FW: <filled> event scoping question.. Kesava Neeli (Friday, 18 June)

CCXML 1.0 Discrepancies Chris Davis (Friday, 18 June)

Clarification of FIA in VXML 2.0 Britta Koch (Friday, 18 June)

differentiate between InterdigitTimeOut and invalidcharacter Karthik (Thursday, 17 June)

Proposal to W3C Voice Browser Working Group for VXML Alex Robin M (Monday, 14 June)

RE: Consolidated comments on SSML Daniel Burnett (Friday, 11 June)

Regrding VoiceXML-Certification Sanjeet Kumar (Wednesday, 9 June)

VoiceXML 2.0 <exit> element interpretation M V Prakash (Friday, 4 June)

RE: Comments for CR-speech-synthesis-20031218 Daniel Burnett (Friday, 4 June)

Test Daniel Burnett (Friday, 4 June)

Comments on the First Working Draft of VoiceXML 2.1 ken.waln@edify.com (Thursday, 3 June)

[REC-speech-grammar] Errata J.J.SOLARI (Friday, 28 May)

HP comments on CCXML 1.0 Last Call Working Draft McGlashan, Scott (Wednesday, 26 May)

HOLD, RETRIEVE, Explicit Call Transfer Emeka Mosanya (Wednesday, 19 May)

How to make "next" or <choice> SRGS compliant Lisa Zhang (Monday, 17 May)

Possible values for say-as attributes Roopa Trivedi (Friday, 14 May)

[www-voice] <none> Keith Callear (Wednesday, 5 May)

W3C Voice Browser Working Group anounces CCXML last call working draft James A. Larson (Tuesday, 4 May)

CCXML last call draft changes Gregg Massard (Monday, 3 May)

Feedback: CCXML Last Call Working Draft Published! Davis, Alex (Friday, 30 April)

CCXML Last Call Working Draft Published! RJ Auburn (Friday, 30 April)

Voice XML Query Sonal Ghotavadekar (Friday, 30 April)

CANTORS: A FAITH IN SONG info@thecantors.com (Thursday, 29 April)

REMINDER: W3C Workshop on Web Applications and Compound Documents Dean Jackson (Wednesday, 28 April)

Skip list muralidhara@vmoksha.com (Thursday, 22 April)

Comments on VoiceXML 2.1 draft specification Robert Keiller (Monday, 19 April)

SIP NOTIFY and VoiceXML Tony Yat-Tung Cheung (Tuesday, 20 April)

Data and text with VoiceXML Heberth Rangel (Saturday, 17 April)

Summary of Voice Browser Working Group's March meeting jim@larson-tech.com (Tuesday, 13 April)

Question about semantic/1.0 Jia Pu (Thursday, 8 April)

ssml.xsl: SSML text-only implementation and test suite report Max Froumentin (Thursday, 8 April)

How to integrateASR to OpenVXI raghuram.nallan@wipro.com (Wednesday, 7 April)

OT: TTS Engine Doug Schepers (Wednesday, 7 April)

OpenSource CCXML Interpreter Released! Raj Kiran Talusani (Monday, 5 April)

Re: ADD Your Link For Free... pharmaenergy (Saturday, 3 April)

Comment on SRGS PR 18 December 2003 w.r.t ambiguity Guillaume Berche (Thursday, 1 April)

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