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How to integrateASR to OpenVXI

From: <raghuram.nallan@wipro.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 17:24:11 +0530
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To: <doug@schepers.cc>, <www-voice@w3.org>

    I have to integrate Automatic Speech Recognition features to a VXML Applicaiton.
OpenVXI provides VXMLinterpreter.What I understood by some amont of reading is that it provides ASR support via VXIrec. I have to implement few interfaces of VXIrec. 
I have Microsoft speech server, which supports ASR. Now to integrate this to VXIrec, I find no
documentation explaining HOWTO integrate ASR to VXIrec,where to start.
Some mail in mailing-list talked about useful documentation for freshers to OpenVXI but no link is given.
I would be glad to know if one exists.
thanks and regards,

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	Hi, everyone-
	I did not expect so many replies, so quickly. What a friendly community!
	Many thanks to all of you.
	Most of the private replies I have gotten have pointed me to Festival. I'd
	looked at Festival, and I'm pleased with the resulting sound synthesis, but
	I cannot seem to find any browser plugin. There are a few references to it,
	but none that lead to active links. Does anyone have any information about
	this? If neccessary, I might be able to build one myself from the Festival
	code, but I'd rather not.
	Not to sound ungrateful, but the solution I hoped to find was a browser
	plug-in, preferrably C/C++ based (so that it has as few requirements as
	possible, which is a bit of a limitation of Java, these days; the excellent
	samples I tried were a bit more of a download than I think most users can
	bear, and were not as seamless as I think they'd need to be for purposes of
	Just to supply as much information as possible, I'm trying to create a
	talking calculator (as a simple prototype) to be viewed in a browser. A very
	early version is here:

	This example uses the Microsoft TTS engine, which is fine, but not
	cross-platform. I guess I'd thought that there would be more XML TTS engines
	by now, as I'm hoping for a generic solution. Ultimately, I want to create a
	much more complex SVG+TTS accessible application, and I want it to be
	available for anyone.
	An alternate solution that occurs to me is to host a TTS engine on my site,
	and stream the sound, but that hardly seems like the best solution.
	Again, many thanks!

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