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SMIL player G2 will be bundled with Netscape 4.5 Philipp Hoschka (Monday, 19 October)

IE and Location header Tracy Adams (Thursday, 15 October)

IE and Location header Susan J. Munson (Thursday, 15 October)

Redirections Tracy Adams (Thursday, 15 October)

A Question vag@cyberdude.com (Thursday, 15 October)

Call for Papers: 2nd USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies Cynthia Deno (Wednesday, 14 October)

Can somebody rectify this multipart SMTP MIME sequence? Paduthonse Aprameya Nagaraj (Tuesday, 13 October)

Mime Attachments in SMTP Paduthonse Aprameya Nagaraj (Tuesday, 13 October)

SV: [www-talk] <none> Christian Bøhn (Tuesday, 6 October)

[www-talk] <none> Csaszar Zoltan (Tuesday, 6 October)

SV: HTTP : Chunking/keepalive. Christian Bøhn (Monday, 5 October)

HTTP : Chunking/keepalive. Christian Bøhn (Sunday, 4 October)

Coping with browsers (e.g. IE4) which ignore(?) 'Connection: close' HTTP header Gary Stephens (Friday, 2 October)

HTML-TIME Dmitry Beransky (Wednesday, 30 September)

Net Industry and Election 98 online public service campaign Steven Clift (Tuesday, 22 September)

PROXY Problem sathish kumar v (Monday, 21 September)

Query string length Boris Georgiev (Monday, 14 September)

Re: HTML extension for voice input James Salsman (Monday, 14 September)

Development of HDTV and Digital TV Philipp Hoschka (Thursday, 10 September)

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